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Zyuoh (ジュウオウ Jūō, 1-48) is a Beastnoid of Neo Empire Gear, working alongside Doctor Man and the Big Three; he is most notable for his long partnership with Monster.

Character History

He is a gorilla-like robot that generally works along with Monster, being a dim-witted brute armed with a mace and able to use his finger cannons in battle. As a result, Zyuoh is loyal to Monster to the point of coming to the aid of his master; even when Monster doesn't use Zyuoh as his partner during a mission. Zyuoh likewise leads the five Beastnoids whenever they fight together as a five-man squadron.

During the arrival of a meteor to Earth that interfered with Bioman's Super-Electron Brains, Zyuoh worked with the other four Beastnoids to crush Bioman in their hour of weakness. However, Doctor Man decides to weed out weaker Beastnoids by using his new weapon, the Neo Mecha-Gigan Metal Megas, to attack both the Beastnoids and Bioman in order to see who would survive while trying to crush his enemies. Zyuoh appears to initially survive the attack but is weakened to the point that he doesn't make it back to Neograd alongside Psygorn and Mettzler and thus doesn't receive the Miracle GX upgrade they receive. However, due to Monster's devotion to his partner, he collected all of his destroyed pieces and pleaded with Doctor Man to bring him back, with the scientist ultimately obliging and upgrading him and Monster for their devotion.Ep. 31: New Model!? Megas ArrivesEp. 34: Behold!! The Power of Bio

During the scramble by Gear to try and seize control of the Anti-Bio mecha Balzion ahead of both Bioman and Bio Hunter Silva, Zyuoh assists Monster in utilizing Super Megas to capture the alien weapon for Doctor Man. At the end of this battle, the Bioman utilize Super Electron on him, finally wearing him down to the point of explosion. Upset by the loss of his partner, Monster carries Zyuoh's head into his final battle in Super Megas before he too is ultimately destroyed after the mech is defeated by Bio Robo.Ep. 48: It Appears! Balzion


Like Monster, Zyuoh's main weapon is his brute strength and occasionally a mace he carries into battle as well as finger cannon. After receiving upgrades from Doctor Man, he likewise gains cannons in his chest to fire long-range attacks against Bioman; as well as the stronger Miracle GX metal that protects all of the surviving Beastnoids alongside Doctor Man and the Big Three.

Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

Zyuoh is among the vast pantheon of villains that appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.



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Behind the Scenes

  • In the English adaptation of the series, Zyuoh's name was changed to "Zeroid.".



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