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"Slash, slash like a katana, Zakutor!"
―ED theme lyric[src]

Zyudenryu #4 Zakutor (獣電竜四号 ザクトル Jūdenryu Yongō: Zakutoru): the Velociraptor Zyudenryu who became Kyoryu Green's partner.


Zakutor replaces Dricera for the left arm in Kyoryuzin's formations. This Zyudenryu normally resides in a bamboo thicket in Japan until summoned.

When assuming Battle Mode, Zakutor's tail splits to form three blades. When combined with a Zyuden Giant, Zakutor's tail is then called the Zakutor Sword (ザクトルソード Zakutoru Sōdo).

Character History

Zakutor's Zyudenchi coming to it

A Zyudenryu, Zakutor was a Velociraptor that agreed to be modified to battle the Deboss Army in ancient times. Prior to the forming of the team Kyoryugers, it had challenged and been beaten by Souji Rippukan and had become his partner.

Souji once believed that he had just been using Zakutor to get back at his father, somehow. However, Amy Yuuzuki believes that Zakutor knew better than that, and had chosen him for more noble reasons. Brave 3: It's Going to Get Wild! The Slashing Brave

Combinations featuring Zakutor


Zakutor Zyudenchi

  • Zakutor Zyudenchi (ザクトル獣電池 Zakutoru Jūdenchi): 6 green Zyudenchi (originally 4) holding the Kyoryu Spirit of the Velociraptor; used mainly by Kyoryu Green. By using two copies of this battery in his Gaburivolver, Kyoryu Green can enter Armed Mode, giving him access to his Zakutor Slasher weapon. Kyoryu Red Carnival can use this Zyudenchi to equip the Zakutor Sword Arm (ザクトルソードアーム Zakutoru Sōdo Āmu) on his left arm for Western Carnival.

Behind the scenes


All of the Zyudenryu/Zyudenchi sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name, Zakutor is a portmanteau of Zaku ("to cut" in Japanese) and Velociraptor.


DeinoChaser with Stymero and Allomerus before they lost their bodies.

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