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"Taking flight on floppy wings, Tuperanda!"
―ED theme lyric[src]

Zyudenryu Tuperanda (獣電竜トペランダ Jūdenryu Toperanda) is the ninth of the thirteen Zyudenryu Guardians, following the Ten Great Zyudenryu.


Tuperanda is a white Tupandactylus that was modified to fight the Deboth Army. Along with the other twelve Guardians, Tuperanda's body was destroyed by the Great Land Devil Gadoma 65 million years ago; while its physical form was reduced to a Secret Stone, its Kyoryu Spirit is held within the Zyudenchi.


ZSK-Zyudenchi 19

Tuperanda Zyudenchi

  • 19. Tuperanda (トペランダ Toperanda): 3 white Zyudenchi (originally 1) holding the Kyoryu Spirit of the Tupandactylus. When used in a Gaburivolver, it makes anything and anyone hit by it flat like paper, able to fit through narrow spaces.



Secret Stone

The Secret Stone of Tuperanda was found by Dantetsu Kiryu.

Behind the scenes


All of the Zyudenryu/Zyudenchi sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name, Tuperanda is a portmanteau of Tupandactylus and Perapera (the Japanese onomatopoeiac word for "flop").

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