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"Crash in with a "schwing!", Stegotchi!"
―ED theme lyric[src]

Zyudenryu #3 Stegotchi (獣電竜三号 ステゴッチ Jūdenryū Sangō: Sutegotchi): the Stegosaurus-themed Zyudenryu who became Kyoryu Blue's partner.


Stegotchi usually lays hidden beneath the ice of the North Pole's ice until summoned. Unlike most of the other Zyudenryu, Stegotchi lacks a tail weapon and instead is armed with a blade that rises up from between its backplates which it uses in a somersaulting slash attack.  When forming Kyoryuzin alongside Gabutyra and Dricera, Stegotchi forms Kyoryuzin's right arm while its back separates to form the handheld Stegotchi Shield (ステゴッチシールド Sutegotchi Shīrudo). With sufficient Brave, the Stegotchi Shield can be transformed into the Goren Zyudenken (五連獣電剣 Goren Jūdenken, "Five-Consecutive Electro-Beast Sword"), which Kyoryuzin uses in its Zyudenken Brave Finish (獣電剣ブレイブフィニッシュ Jūdenken Bureibu Finisshu), focusing the Brave of all five Kyoryugers as it draws a circle in the air before slashing the Debo-Monster. The Goren Zyudenken is also wielded by ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin, which is formed when the Gabutyra-based Kyoryuger Ressha takes Red Ressha's place in ToQ-Oh, replacing ToQ-Oh's default sword, the Fumikiriken. In the ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin feat. DenLiner formation, it is used to perform the Fumikiriken Brave Sanjō Slash (フミキリケンブレイブ参上スラッシュ Fumikiriken Bureibu Sanjō Surasshu) finisher. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

Character History


Stegotchi's Zyudenchi coming to it

A Zyudenryu, Stegotchi was a Stegosaurus that agreed to be modified to battle the Deboss Army in ancient times. It had chosen to challenge Nobuharu Udou and had been beaten by him, effectively becoming his partner.

Daigo Kiryu once sought out his advice regarding Nobuharu, as he'd blamed himself for his niece getting hurt. Stegotchi tells Daigo (through Torin) that Nobuharu had actually saved his niece from getting hurt even more (or worse, killed), by being there when the Zorima attacked. Brave 2: Gaburincho! Biting Combination


100 years after the Kyoryugers defeated Transcendenterfly God Deboss, Stegotchi is partnered with Nobuharu's descendant Nobuta-san. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER

Combinations featuring Stegotchi


Dark Stegotchi

Dark Stegotchi

A dark version of Stegotchi forms part of Bandai Premium DX "Kyoryuzin Dark Version".


ZSK-Zyudenchi 3

Stegotchi Zyudenchi

ZSK-Zyudenchi 3 (Deboth)

Deboth Stegotchi Zyudenchi

  • Stegotchi (ステゴッチ Sutegotchi) - 6 blue Zyudenchi (originally 4) holding the Kyoryu Spirit of the Stegosaurus; used mainly by Kyoryu Blue. By using two copies of this battery in his Gaburivolver, Kyoryu Blue can enter Armed Mode, giving him access to his Stego Shield weapon. Kyoryu Red Carnival can use this Zyudenchi to equip the Stegotchi Shield Arm (ステゴッチシールドアーム Stegotchi Shīrudo Āmu) on his right arm for Samba Carnival. In Brave 39, Kyoryu Red Carnival uses this Zyudenchi to equip the Stegotchi Shield Arm on his right arm for Samba Carnival Special. A Deboss version of the Stegotchi Zyudenchi is exclusive to the toyline.

Behind the scenes


All of the Zyudenryu/Zyudenchi sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name, Stegotchi is a portmanteau of Stegosaurus and Gocchin (the Japanese onomatopoeiac word for "slash").


Lupin Collection

The Lupin Collection.

  • Stegotchi uses the spiky plates on its back for attacking, while its human partner is known as the "Armor Hero". However, in real life, a Stegosaurus' plates are not used for attacking or defending at all, as they are too fragile. What they were used for was for sunning and/or intimidation purposes.
  • Stegotchi is the second Stegosaurus-themed mecha in Sentai history, the first being Stegoslidon from Abaranger.
  • Stegotchi is seen among the artifacts of the Lupin Collection. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thief

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