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"Grow like a giant, Bragigas!"
―ED theme lyric[src]

Zyudenryu #10 Bragigas (獣電竜十号 ブラギガス Jūdenryu Jūgō: Buragigasu) is the Brachiosaurus Zyudenryu who is Kyoryu Silver's partner. It can transform into its Zyuden Giant Gigant Bragi-Oh and it also can combine with the first five Zyudenryu to form Gigant Kyoryuzin.


Bragigas's Zyudenchi coming to it.

One of the Ten Great Zyudenryu, Bragigas was a Brachiosaurus that agreed to be modified to fight the Deboth Army in ancient times. However, while facing Deboth, Bragigas was shocked in grief at the sight of the Guardians being murdered by Great Land Devil Gadoma. Bragigas shed tears for the Guardians, fossilizing their spiritual forms and creating the Guardians' Secret Stones in the process.

The enraged Bragigas was forced to use the forbidden weapon, the Gigant Cannon, to defeat both Deboth and Gadoma at the cost of its own life. It resulted in the powerless Bragigas being dragged underground by the mortally wounded Gadoma, under what is now the lake bed of Lake Madou.


Bragigas' body found in Lake Madou.

In present day, Dantetsu Kiryu and the Kyoryugers searched for and managed to locate the fragments of the Guardians, with the last one being Deinosgrander's and found within Lake Madou itself, which were then used to revive Bragigas. With the power of the Kyoryugers and the Guardians, Bragigas transformed into Gigant Bragi-Oh to destroy Debo Tairyon. 3 Afterward, Torin had rerouted the path to the Spirit Base directly to Bragigas, due to the fact that the Spirit Base once was inside the Zyudenryu and had to be put back in place after Bragigas' revival. However, the Deboth crippled the Kyoryugers by using Gadoma's curse to warp the Brave energy inside the Charge Box, making the Kyoryugers unable to use their Brave effectively as well as stunning Bragigas.

Eventually, the Kyoryugers overpowered and broke the curse of Gadoma, allowing Bragigas to appear in the city and clashed with the Great Land Devil as Gigant Bragi-Oh. Bragi-Oh then combined with the first 5 Zyudenryu to form Gigant Kyoryuzin, and avenged the Guardians by destroying Gadoma once and for all.


When the Deboth Army re-emerges 100 years after the Kyoryugers defeated Transcendenterfly God Deboth, Bragigas is partnered with Ian's descendant Icchan, who becomes Kyoryu Silver III before he discovers his true color and partners with Parasagun as the second Kyoryu Black. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER

Cho Kamitsuki Henkei Gigant Bragi-Oh

"Super Biting Transformation!"
―Kyoryuger's transformation code[src]

"Gi~gant-o, Gigant-o! Gi~gant-o, Gigant-o! Gigant Bragi-Oh! (Orchestral choir)"
―Transformation announcement for Gigant Bragi-Oh[src]

"Complete, Gigant Bragi-Oh!"
―Kyoryugers announcing the complete transformation[src]

Cho Kamitsuki Henkei Gigant Bragi-Oh (超噛み付き変形ギガントブラギオー Chō Kamitsuki Henkei Giganto Buragiō, Super Biting Transformation Giant Bragi King) is Bragigas Zyuden Giant formation, and is its strongest form, armed with the Bragio Ax (ブラギオアックス Buragio Akkusu). This Zyuden Giant is stronger than even Plezu-Oh, towering over most normal enlarged Debo Monsters, with an insane amount of armoring, meaning hardly anything will faze it. It is also very strong, able to go toe-to-toe against Gadoma evenly when the Devil's curse was broken, as well as using its Bragio Axe with devastating effect.

Its finishing attack is the Super Zyuden Giga Brave Finish (超獣電ギガブレイブフィニッシュ Chō Jūden Giga Bureibu Finisshu), where it uses the Bragio Ax, filled with the Kyoryu Spirits and Brave energy of the Guardians, to deliver a devastating chop.[1]

Appearances: Episodes 34-35, 38, 41, 100 YEARS AFTER, 45

Additional Formations

Cho Kamitsuki Gattai Gigant Kyoryuzin

"Super Biting Combination!"
―Kyoryuger's combination code[src]

"Gi~gant-o Kyoryuzin! Gi~gant-o Kyoryuzin! Gigant Kyoryuzin! Gi-ga Gi-ga Gi~ga, Gi-ga Gi~ga!"
―Combination announcement for Gigant Kyoryuzin[src]

"Complete, Gigant Kyoryuzin!"
―Kyoryugers announcing the complete combination[src]

"Kiite odoroke! Gigant Atsumarincho de Gaburincho!"
―Finisher announcement for Super Zyuden All Gigant Explosion[src]

Cho Kamitsuki Gattai Gigant Kyoryuzin (超噛み付き合体ギガントキョウリュウジン Chō Kamitsuki Gattai Giganto Kyōryūjin, Super Biting Combination Giant Dinosaur God) is the combination of Kyoryuzin, Parasagun, Zakutor, and Bragigas, armed with the Bragio Zakutor Ax (ブラギオザクトルアックス Buragio Zakutoru Akkusu). This is the strongest Zyuden Giant the Kyoryugers have in their arsenal, even stronger than Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.

Its attacks are the Gigant Crown (ギガントクラウン Giganto Kuraun) where the "tail" of Gigant Kyoryuzin's crown extends to smack foes, the Gigant Slasher (ギガントスラッシャー Giganto Surasshā) charged thrust from the Bragio Zakutor Ax, and the Gigant Shot (ギガントショット Giganto Shotto) supercharged shots from Parasagun.

Its finishing attack is the Super Zyuden Gigant Full Breaster (超獣電ギガントフルブレスター Chō Jūden Giganto Furu Buresutā), where it shoots a powerful seven-pronged beam consisting of the Brave energy from the 23 Zyudenryu and Guardians from the chest armor.[2]

Thanks to Yayoi, the Kyoryugers found a way to use the Gigant Cannon attack without harming Bragigas. First, Gigant Kyoryuzin assumes Gigant Formation (ギガントフォーメーション Giganto Fōmēshon), where the back of Gigant Kyoryuzin (which normally consists of the bulk of Bragigas) detaches and props itself in front of Gigant Kyoryuzin then Zakutor, Parasagun, and the rest of the Zyudenryu flank the formation by its sides.

Once Gigant Kyoryuzin grabs the hidden handles of the cannon, it folds open, announcing "You'll be surprised when you hear! Gigant Gatherincho and Gaburincho!" (聞いて驚け!ギガントアツマリンチョ・デ・ガブリンチョ! Kiite odoroke! Giganto Atsumarincho de Gaburincho!). The Kyoryugers then fire the Super Zyuden All Gigant Explosion (超獣電オールギガントエクスプロージョ Chō Jūden Ōru Giganto Ekusupurōjon), where the Zyudenryu channel their Brave into the Gigant Cannon, until the Gigant Cannon fires an immense blast of Brave energy, laying waste to anything that foolishly stands in the blast's warpath.

Appearances: Episodes 35-38, 40, 42, 44, 100 YEARS AFTER, ToQger vs. Kyoryuger

Gigant Bragi-Oh Christmas

This form is just BragiOh wearing an oversized Santa hat. This form has nothing special in particular except for being appropriate for Christmas Time. Brave 42: Wonderful! Christmas of Justice


Bragigas Zyudenchi

  • Bragigas Zyudenchi (ブラギガス獣電池 Buragigasu Jūdenchi): 4 silver Zyudenchi holding the Kyoryu Spirit of the Brachiosaurus; associated with Kyoryu Silver.
  • Guardians' Zyudenchi (ガーディアンズの獣電池 Gādianzu no Jūdenchi): Unlike the other Zyudenryu, Bragigas can also use the #11 to #23 Zyudenchi of the Guardians all at once to access the Guardians' powers.
    • Deinochaser (ディノチェイサー Dinocheisā): N/A
    • Deinosgrander (ディノスグランダー Dinosugurandā): N/A
    • Kentrospiker (ケントロスパイカー Kentorosupaikā): N/A
    • Stymero (スティメロ Sutimero): N/A
    • Allomerus (アロメラス Aromerasu): Allows Bragigas to fire a beam of super-hot flames.
    • Beyonsmo (ビヨンスモ Biyonsumo): N/A
    • Ovirappoo (オビラップー Obirappū): N/A
    • Igeranodon (イゲラノドン): N/A
    • Tuperanda (トペランダ Toperanda): NA
    • Gurumonite (グルモナイト Gurumonaito): Allows Bragigas to make a target become dizzy.
    • Archenolon (アーケノロン Ākenoron): Allows Bragigas to make gravity become super heavy on a target, to the point of flattening them.
    • Pukuptor (プクプトル Pukuputoru): N/A
    • Futabain (フタバイン): N/A

Behind the scenes


All of the Zyudenryu/Zyudenchi sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name; Bragigas is a portmanteau of Brachiosaurus and Gigas (the Latin word for "giant").


BragiOh in the Kyoryuger/Gaim Super Hero Time group shot.

  • Though Bragigas made its debut in Brave 34, Bragi-Oh first appeared on-screen two weeks prior, not during the episode but due to its inclusion in the Kyoryuger/Kamen Rider GaimIcon-crosswiki.png Super Hero Time group shot.
  • Bragigas is the only larger Zyudenryu who can't use smaller Zyudenryu as swappable arms.
  • In the Korean dub, Power Rangers Dino Force, BragiOh is called Gigant Bragio King.[3]
  • The gold parts on Bragigas are based on the likenesses of the Guardian Zyudenchi.
  • Busts based on Ten Great Zyudenryu can be seen in the Spirit Base.
    • The Zyudenchi Charge Box is place within the mouth of the bust based on Gabutyra.
  • His American counterpart is a Titanosaurus, not Brachiosaurus.
  • The tune that plays during Bragigas' transformation into Gigant Bragi-Oh and its combination with the first five Zyudenryu into Gigant Kyoryuzin has a slight similarity to the tune of the song "We Will Rock You" by the British band Queen.


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