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"Slam, slam! Bang on them, Ankydon!"
―ED theme lyric[src]

Zyudenryu #7 Ankydon (獣電竜七号 アンキドン Jūdenryū Nanagō: Ankidon) is the Ankylosaurus-themed Zyudenryu that was Kyoryu Cyan's partner.


Ankydon's Zyudenchi coming to it

This Zyudenryu is usually hidden deep underground in a rock quarry cavern until summoned. When assuming Battle Mode, his tail flips out to reveal a hammer. When combined with a Zyuden Giant, Ankydon's tail is then called the Ankydon Hammer (アンキドンハンマー Ankidon Hanmā).

Character History

A Zyudenryu, Ankydon was a Ankylosaurus that agreed to be modified to battle the Deboss Army in ancient times. In modern times, poor Ankydon was rudely awaken from his resting place by a Debo Monster it had once fought before and forced it into a rampage.

Later, Amy managed to get Debo Viruson out of Ankydon's Zyudenchi by using the Stymero Zyudenchi at Debo Viruson and exited, with the lovestruck Debo Monster following the Horned Heroine, freeing Ankydon from his control. This allowed Ramirez to transform into Kyoryu Cyan once more, and allowed the Kyoryugers to form Kyoryuzin Macho.


When the Deboth Army re-emerges 100 years after the Kyoryugers defeated Transcendenterfly God Deboss, Ankydon is partnered with Amy's descendant Ami-neesan, who becomes Kyoryu Cyan III before she discovers her true color and partners with Dricera as the second Kyoryu Pink. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER

Combinations featuring Ankydon


Ankydon Zyudenchi

  • Ankydon Zyudenchi (アンキドン獣電池 Ankidon Jūdenchi): 4 cyan Zyudenchi (originally 2) holding the Kyoryu Spirit of the Ankylosaurus; associated with Kyoryu Cyan. Three copies of this battery are given to the present Kyoryuger team, while the fourth is utilized by Kyoryu Cyan. When used in a Gaburivolver, it unleashes an attack similar to Kyoryu Cyan's Spirit Hammer called Hammer Brave Finish (ハンマーブレイブフィニッシュ Hanmā Bureibu Finisshu). Kyoryu Red Carnival can use this Zyudenchi to equip the Ankydon Hammer Arm (アンキドンハンマーアーム Ankidon Hanmā Āmu) on his right arm for either Macho Carnival or Kung-Fu Carnival. In Kyoryuger & Super Sentai: It's Getting Wild! Dinosaur Encyclopedia DVD, Kyoryu Red Carnival uses this Zyudenchi to equip the Ankydon Hammer Arm on his left arm for TV-Maga Carnival.

Behind the scenes


All of the Zyudenryu/Zyudenchi sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name, Ankydon is a portmanteau of Ankylosaurus and Don (the Japanese onomatopoeiac word for "heavy thud").

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