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== Cast ==
== Cast ==
* [[Daigo Kiryu]]: {{nihongo|[[Ryo Ryusei]]|竜星 涼|Ryūsei Ryō}}
*{{nihongo|[[Daigo Kiryu]]|桐生 ダイゴ|Kiryū Daigo}}: {{nihongo|[[Ryo Ryusei]]|竜星 涼|Ryūsei Ryō}}
* [[Ian Yorkland]]: {{nihongo|[[Syuusuke Saito]]|斉藤 秀翼|Saitō Shūsuke}}
*{{nihongo|[[Ian Yorkland]]|イアン・ヨークランド|Ian Yōkurando}}: {{nihongo|[[Syuusuke Saito]]|斉藤 秀翼|Saitō Shūsuke}}
* [[Nobuharu Udo]]: {{nihongo|[[Yamato Kinjo]]|金城 大和|Kinjō Yamato}}
*{{nihongo|[[Nobuharu Udo]]|有働 ノブハル|Udō Nobuharu}}: {{nihongo|[[Yamato Kinjo]]|金城 大和|Kinjō Yamato}}
* [[Souji Rippukan]]: {{nihongo|[[Akihisa Shiono]]|塩野 瑛久|Shiono Akihisa}}
*{{nihongo|[[Souji Rippukan]]|立風館 ソウジ|Rippūkan Sōji}}: {{nihongo|[[Akihisa Shiono]]|塩野 瑛久|Shiono Akihisa}}
* [[Amy Yuuzuki]]: {{nihongo|[[Ayuri Konno]]|今野 鮎莉|Konno Ayuri}}
*{{nihongo|[[Amy Yuuzuki]]|アミィ結月|Amyi Yūzuki}}: {{nihongo|[[Ayuri Konno]]|今野 鮎莉|Konno Ayuri}}
* [[Utsusemimaru]]: {{Nihongo|[[Atsushi Maruyama]]|丸山敦史|Māruyama Atsūshishi}}
*{{nihongo|[[Utsusemimaru]]|空蝉丸}}: {{Nihongo|[[Atsushi Maruyama]]|丸山敦史|Māruyama Atsūshishi}}
* [[Torin]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Toshiyuki Morikawa]]|森川 智之|Morikawa Toshiyuki}}
*{{nihongo|[[Wise God Torin]]|賢神トリン|Kenjin Torin|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Toshiyuki Morikawa]]|森川 智之|Morikawa Toshiyuki}}
* [[Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Takayuki Sugō]]|菅生 隆之|Sugō Takayuki}}
*{{nihongo|[[Many-Faced High Priest Chaos]]|百面神官カオス|Hyakumen Shinkan Kaosu|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Takayuki Sugō]]|菅生 隆之|Sugō Takayuki}}
* [[Joyful Knight Candelilla]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Haruka Tomatsu]]|戸松 遥|Tomatsu Haruka}}
*{{nihongo|[[Joyful Knight Candelilla]]|喜びの戦騎キャンデリラ|Yorokobi no Senki Kyanderira|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Haruka Tomatsu]]|戸松 遥|Tomatsu Haruka}}
* [[Raging Knight Dogold]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Satoshi Tsuruoka]]|鶴岡 聡|Tsuruoka Satoshi}}
*{{nihongo|[[Raging Knight Dogold]]|怒りの戦騎ドゴルド|Ikari no Senki Dogorudo|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Satoshi Tsuruoka]]|鶴岡 聡|Tsuruoka Satoshi}}
* [[Sorrowful Knight Aigaron]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Yū Mizushima]]|水島 裕|Mizushima Yū}}
*{{nihongo|[[Sorrowful Knight Aigaron]]|哀しみの戦騎アイガロン|Kanashimi no Senki Aigaron|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Yū Mizushima]]|水島 裕|Mizushima Yū}}
* [[Funfilled Spy Luckyuro]] (Voice): {{nihongo|[[Ai Orikasa]]|折笠 愛|Orikasa Ai}}
*{{nihongo|[[Funfilled Spy Luckyuro]]|楽しみの密偵ラッキューロ|Tanoshimi no Mittei Rakkyūro|Voice}}: {{nihongo|[[Ai Orikasa]]|折笠 愛|Orikasa Ai}}
* [[Mikoto Amano]]: {{nihongo|[[Shizuka Nakamura]]|中村静香|Nakamura Shizuka}}
===Guest Cast===
* [[Lamunea]]: {{nihongo|[[Misaki Momose]]|桃瀬美咲|Momose Misaki}}
*{{nihongo|[[Mikoto Amano]]|天野美琴|Amano Mikoto}}: {{nihongo|[[Shizuka Nakamura]]|中村静香|Nakamura Shizuka}}
* [[Ashy]]: {{nihongo|[[Minami Tsukui]]|佃井皆美|Tsukui Minami}}
*{{nihongo|[[Lamunea]]|レムネア|Ramunea}}: {{nihongo|[[Misaki Momose]]|桃瀬|Momose Misaki}}
* [[Ferocious Knight D]] (Voice): {{Nihongo|[[Mamoru Miyano]]|宮野 真守|Miyano Mamoru}}
*{{nihongo|[[Ashy]]|アーシー|Āshī}}: {{nihongo|[[Minami Tsukui]]|佃井皆美|Tsukui Minami}}
*{{nihongo|[[Ferocious Knight D]]|獰猛の戦騎D|Dōmō no Senki Dī|Voice}}: {{Nihongo|[[Mamoru Miyano]]|宮野 真守|Miyano Mamoru}}

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This article is about a/an movie in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
Red alert WARNING: This movie contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music (劇場版 獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー ガブリンチョ・オブ・ミュージック Gekijōban Jūden Sentai Kyōryūjā Gaburincho Obu Myūjikku) is the Summer movie for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. It was released in Japanese theaters in August 3, 2013, double-billed with the film for Kamen Rider WizardIcon-crosswiki, Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic LandIcon-crosswiki. [1][2] This film is the first musical Super Sentai has ever done.

Continuity and Placement

The movie takes place between Brave 20 and Brave 21, before the Kyoryugers obtain Plezuon. Also with Kyoryu Violet not appearing in this film. The presence of Bunpachy places it after Brave 18, when the Kyoryugers gained Tessai's Zyudenryu, and before the events of Brave 23 when the Kyoryugers defeated Deboss. At the latest, it takes place before Brave 29, which featured references and flashbacks to the events of the movie.


The Kyoryuger saves Mikoto Amano, nicknamed Meeko, from a horde of Zorima who invaded her concert venue. It turns out that Daigo once met Meeko in France. Before they can catch up, the ancient knight Deathryuger, aka D, appears and kidnaps her. D’s goal is to use the secret legendary battery #00, to take control of the mysterious Tobaspino. The Kyoryugers go after "D" to rescue Meeko and prevent him from gaining control over the legendary Zyudenryu.


The Kyoryugers attend the show by pop star Meeko, a girl from Daigo's past. But when a group of Zorima led by two girls raids the area, the Kyoryugers hold off the Dino Girls while Kyoryu Red gets Meeko to safety. However, as the latter she lost her pendant, Daigo and Meeko encounter a former Deboth Army member named D who gained the power to become Deathryuger who confirms the girl to be the one he is looking for. Even with the Kyoryugers gathered, Deathryuger overpowers them all before taking Meeko. The Kyoryugers learn from Torin that D seeks to revive the first Zyudenryu Tobaspino before they are alerted to Tobaspino's reawakening. Though Ankydon and Bunpachy attempt to help, they end up being forcfully merged with Tobaspino to create Spinodai-Oh which proceeds to ready the Great Eradication Blast. As the others make their way to him, Utsusemimaru halts Deathryuger's preparations with Pteragordon. When asked why they would, the Kyoryugers start before they transform and proceed to fight D's forces. After a motorcycle duel, a wounded Deathryuger retreats back into Tobaspino as Raiden Kyoryuzin is formed and manages to make a dent. However, after he infiltrates Spinodai-Oh, Daigo is beaten to a bloody pulp by D after he discards his Deathryuger helmet. However, seeing the pendant Daigo brought with him, Meeko sings 'Dino Soul' which restores Spinodai-Oh's mind as it acts to stop the Eradication Blast. With the Gaburu Armed On Gabutyra Zyudenchi, Kyoryu Red uses two Gabutyra Fangs to knock D out of Spinodai-Oh with the villain falling his death. Saved by Raiden Kyoryuzin, the others convince him not to give up as they join Meeko's singing to purify Spinodai-Oh as they destroy the Eradication Blast. Entrusted with the Tobaspino Zyudenchi, Meeko while the Kyoryugers get a backstage while Topaspino returns to its resting place.



Kyoryu Red Daigo Kiryu
Kyoryu Black Ian Yorkland
Kyoryu Blue Nobuharu Udo
Kyoryu Green Souji Rippukan
Kyoryu Pink Amy Yuuzuki
Kyoryu Gold Utsusemimaru



Deathryuger Ferocious Knight D


Guest Cast



Gaburincho Of Music Ost. Cover Album

Gaburincho of Music is a musical and features various songs by the cast as well as other pieces from the series' soundtrack. A "song album"[3] film theme song single[4] was released on July 31, 2013.

Theme song
Insert songs



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