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Zuune (ズーネ Zūne) is a Space Beast created from the genetics of Adjutant Shiima for the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

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A Space Beast with snake-like hair initially formed from Adjutant Shiima by her former ally Giluke in a move to stop the Changeman at all costs. She can fire electric attacks and snake projectiles, but her greatest ability involves the creation of diamonds out of mere stones; the diamonds amplify the greed and arrogance within the heart of women before being instructed to explode by the Space Beast. When the Changeman face her, Tsurugi recognizes her voice as Shiima's, making him fight to reawaken her from within the Space Beast remembering the previous encounter and the belief in her actual self within.


Zuune after Shiima replaced by Hidrer

With assistance of Waraji's flute playing the "song of nostalgia" making her homesick for Amanga, Shiima is separated from her Space Beast form, but the remaining corpse revives by absorbing several Hidrers within itself. With the Hidrers, it gains a spherical ball, but the Changeman fire their Earth Force elements at it before destroying it with the Power Bazooka, then make quick work with Change Robo.Ep. 49: The Sad Shiima Beast Soldier


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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