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"You really are fools to think you can stand against the great Zuteru-S of the Mach."
―Zuteru-S of the Mach's first words to the Goseigers[src]

"Observe! The perfect solidarity of Matrintis."
―Zuteru-S of the Mach's first words being enlarged[src]

"Long live to His Excellency Robogog!"
―Zuteru-S of the Mach's final words before his death[src]

Zuteru-S of the Mach (マッハのズテルS, Mahha no Zuteru Esu) is a Matroid of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.


Zuteru-S was built for the collection of humans in order to assist in building the Matrintis Empire. When the Goseiger try to face him at first, Zuteru-S criticizes the team for not having a true leader, stating that without a leader, they had no chance to defeat him. Hurt by those words, the Goseigers decide to create a leadership position to free the human prisoners, but each one ends up messing up the scenario worse: by the time Zuteru-S confronts the Goseigers in his lair, Moune ends up flying right into an attack and leads the team into a worse situation. Ultimately, the team decides to work using their own individual advantages and the guidance of Alata in order to weaken the Matroid before defeating him with the Super Gosei Dynamic.

After being grown with Bibi Nails, Zuteru-S uses his superiority in the air to defeat the Goseiger who try and fail to keep up with Skick Gosei Great to defeat the flying Matroid. However based on a crazy idea of Alata, Gosei Ultimate is summoned to fly Gosei Great for combat, allowing for the formation of Ultimate Gosei Great. Using the combination of both mecha, the team finally outmaneuver Zuteru-S and scrap him with an Ultimate Great Strike.


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Powers and Abilities


  • High Speed Flight: Zuteru-S of the Mach can fly at supersonic speeds using his thrusters.


  • Super High-Speed Vernier (超高速バーニア Chou Kousoku Bania): Shoulder-mounted thrusters that allow Zuteru-S to fly at supersonic speeds.
  • Variable Wing Tonfa (可変翼トンファー Kahenyoku Tonfa): A pair of tonfas wielded by Zuteru-S.
  • Mobile 30mm Machine Gun (可動式30mmマシンガン Kadoushiki 30mm Mashin Gan): Machine gun turrets mounted on Zuteru-S' body.
    • Mach Extreme (マッハエクストリーム Mahha Ekusutorīmu): Zuteru-S' signature move, where he unleashes a barrage of missiles from his back.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Zuteru-S' design is based on a copepod and a bomber aircraft.

Concept Art


  • Zuteru-S is named after Stealth (ステルス, Suterusu)



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