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The Zurganezord is a powerful zord piloted by Zurgane and is the first evil zord to be faced by the Ninja Storm Rangers, it appears in the third and final part of the three-part episode "Thunder Strangers".

Character History

Zurgane uses his Zurganezord against the Power Rangers as a distraction for the Thunder Rangers to escaped with Sensei, the Blue Ranger decided to fight the Zurganezord herself while the Red and Yellow Rangers went after the Thunder Rangers, she summons the Storm Megazord to battle the Zord, she had the upper hand until the Zurganezord used it's tractor beam ability on it and tossed it into the ground, afterwards it went brutal on the cockpit were Tori was riding, it picked up the Megazord and was about to make the final strike, but Tori manages to brake free by using the Megazord's Dolphin Lasers and the Dolphin Blast, She then equipped it with two new Power Spheres - #5 Lion Laser, and #6 Squid Drill and ultimately destroys the Zurganezord.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength; Despite being one of the first Zurganezords, it is surprising strong, powerful enough to nearly best the Storm Megazord in battle.
  • Armor: While being the first Zurganezord, it had armor that is stronger than most enemies fought beforehand, as it got hit hard by the Storm Megazord's Blizzard Blast and didn't get scratched.
  • Lighting Beam: From the antenna on the top of its head, the Zurganezord can fire a strong red lighting beam at it's enemies.
  • Tractor Beam: By joining it's hands together, it can fire off a blue tractor beam that is strong enough to hold and lift the Storm Megazord off the ground.


  • Arm Blades: The Zurganezord has large blades mounted on both arms that aids it in combat.


  • The Zurganezord is the first to be fought by the Lion Laser and Squid Drill.

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