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Zukangami (ズカンガミ Zukangami, 22):

Character History

Created from an old silk top hat and a new animal pictorial book. Can turn people into the animal it chooses from the book on its chest. Shizuka and Zukangami intended to turn selected humans into animals and by means of Solomon's Ring control them all, thereby creating a special Dark Shadow team of intelligent animals to find the world's Precious. It could also summon a rope, or a snake that turns into chains, to bind its opponents, throw exploding trump cards, copy the Dual Crasher (though it didn't get a chance to actually fire it), and was able to reflect SirenBuilder's "Triple Liquid Bomber," after juggling it on an umbrella. It turned Satoru, Masumi and Natsuki into a Telescope eye goldfish, a black German Shepard and a yellow budgerigar respectively.


Without his hat


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


concept art

  • "Zukan" (図鑑 Zukan) means "picture book" in Japanese.
  • His final attack is the Zukangami Saber Cutter, which is a direct reference to Denji Sentai Megaranger's Galaxy Mega's finishing move, on which Zukangami was based.



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