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Zourugin (ゾウルギン Zōrugin) is an elephant-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone.

Character History

Zourugin is brought in by Galactic Scientist Doldora as part of a scheme to lower Earth's defenses by turning the water and fluid supply of Earth into alcohol, lowering its defenses for an invasion. The scheme ultimately turns the entire town into drunks and even is used to affect two cars as Doldora expands him. When Remi discovers the scheme and tries to stop him, she is thrown into the sake-transformed water at a dam Doldora infects, only to become drunk herself and a burden to Fiveman during the initial attack. However when Fiveman take on Zourugin again, FiveYellow returns revealing her skill at suiken, the drunken-fist style of kung fu that allows for her fluid movements to pummel the Galactic Warrior and bind him with her Melody Tact so the team could finish him off with the Brother Attack. After Doldora uses Gorlin #03 to make a giant Zourugin, Gaku allows Remi to pilot FiveRobo, giving it her suiken abilities and allowing for her to finish him off with the Double Super Five Crash with the Super-Dimensional Sword split into daggers for both of his hands.



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  • Zourugin's main ability include his strength and his ability to emit a liquid from his trunk that turns any liquid that touches it, including water, into alcoholic sake.

Behind the Scenes


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