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Zordon is the ancient mentor of the Power Rangers.

Character History

When Rita was released by her prison by two curious astronauts, Zordon chose five teenagers to wield the power of the Power Coin's to become Power Rangers. Along with his beloved and trusted assistant Alpha 5, he provides powerful technology for their disposal as well as invaluable insight.

During the battle with the Black Dragon, the Command Center is destroyed along with Zordon's energy tube. Zordon survives. However, having lost his tether to time and space, he drifts outside of time and meets himself from another timeline.This version of Zordon dies after revealing the origins of Lord Drakkon. Before he too is lost in time, Saba uses his connection to the Morphing Grid to keep him tethered to their plain of existence. Zordon urges Saba to have faith in Tommy Oliver, leading to their eventually meeting in the alternate timeline.


  • Zordon's staff is identical to the staff used by the Mysterious Sage Barza in Zyuranger. Barza was briefly used in the television series as Zordon's physical form.


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