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Zordon's Soldier

This unnamed soldier was among those who fought for Zordon during the war between the forces of good and Rita Repulsa's evil army 10,000 years ago. Regarded as the finest warrior of Tarmac 3, it was there where he fought Rita's Knasty Knight who made "space dust" out of him before taking the Sword of Darkness and presenting it as a gift to Rita. Happy Birthday, Zack Green With Evil

Behind the scenes


Zordon's Soldier was depicted via unmorphed footage of Sharma Tribe Knight Goushi/MammothRanger, the counterpart of the Black Ranger Zack, portrayed by Aohisa Takayasu (高安 青寿 Takayasu Aohisa), fighting Dora Knight in episode 15 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, with the same clip being used for both his appearances. Footage of Goushi with his team also appears in the specials Power Rangers Funniest Moments and The Lost Episode.

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