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Zordon's Energy Wave (or Z-Wave) was the very essence of the wizard Zordon, created upon the destruction of his energy tube at the hands of Andros' Spiral Saber. It is also his most powerful ability. The death of the character released a wave of good golden energy that purged the universe of the United Alliance of Evil, which had, at that point in the story, finally conquered the universe with the help of Dark Specter and Astronema.

The following villains that were affected are:

Note that not all of the Machine Empire and Cogs perished in this event, and that Dark Specter and Darkonda had both already destroyed each other in a conflict shortly before the wave was released. Lokar also survived the wave having resided in the Talos Dimension along with Scorpina, who had been banished there by Rita Repulsa earlier. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon

It is never seen or explained what happened to the following characters:

It can be assumed that they were either destroyed or purified by the wave as well.

Post Zordon Wave

In the aftermath of Zordon's death, several groups of villains appear in future seasons of Power Rangers. However, the series has been able to avoid contradicting the effect of the energy wave on past villains by either never using them again or giving those who survived entirely different roles (as seen with Rita Repulsa who would go on to become the Mystic Mother in Power Rangers Mystic Force).

One can assume with the beginning of Lost Galaxy and every season following after it, the wave was retconned to destroy only the United Alliance of Evil, the major threat at that time. However, it can be argued that some villains not of "our" galaxy were either too far to be affected or not having existed yet, while any villains who originated from Earth in later seasons were contained at the time within a mystical prison, from another dimension altogether, or not evil or a bigger threat at the time of the wave.

The wave is referenced in Power Rangers Dino Fury when a version of Zedd prior to his purification is created, though it was also mentioned that since Zordon is gone, the wave couldn't be used again to stop him like before.


  • Rito Revolto was originally slated to be purified of evil along with his sister Rita. However, because his costume was damaged and not repaired, he did not appear in the episode.
  • In Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Goldar's fate was revealed; he was destroyed before being revived by Evox and Scrozzle. Jason surmised he was almost certainly destroyed by the wave.