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Some of the toy-only vehicles combined.

The Megazord with Tiger Dasher, Cycle and Zord Vehicles attached

The ZordBuilder Power Rangers cross-series label produced by Bandai America allows children and collectors to build zords and vehicles from various toylines beyond their intended capabilities, as designed by PLEX. Unlike the Bandai Japan versions of toys which share no cross-combining between series, save for coincidentally identical pegs, every now and then, the ZordBuilder line lets children combine different zords into a multitude of combinations, and add toy-exclusive vehicles and "Zord Vehicles" for even more combos.


Originally, up until Operation Overdrive (Toyline), all Zords and Megazords had been Bandai Japan Deluxe Megazords releases. With Overdrive, a new Transforming Megazords concept was born, wherein Zords were produced with the aim to lower production cost and retail price. The results were hollower, less dense plastic Zords. The trend continued up til RPM (Toyline). It was also with RPM that the term "Zord Vehicles" was coined. However, these zords were literally zords that transformed into vehicles- cars.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2010)

The idea of Micro Zords was scrapped after RPM, and the concept was adopted into full-size mecha. The concept for fully combining Zords and vehicles began with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the "Vehicle Zord system", wherein the Megazord could combine with various toy-only Dino Cycles, Morphin Racers and new animal-like Zord Vehicles (abandoning the original concept) into various combinations. A Titanus was also released to carry the various transformed Megazords into battle.

Toy-only designs

  • Dino Cycles (Red, Green, Blue, Black)
  • Morphin Racers (Red; Green was never released)
  • Zord Vehicles (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow)
  • Dashers (Red and White; Both were never released)
  • Cycle Accelerators (Red and Green; Blue was never released)

Power Rangers Samurai

Disc cycles on the Megazord

"budget" Gigazord can add on or add to any other ZordBuilder pieces

As Samurai arrived, the series was officially labeled "ZordBuilder" and three more Megazords were released. Along with them, the "Zord Vehicle" concept was modified to have auxiliary zords, as opposed to toy-exclusive concepts. Toy only Disc Cycles and Sword Cycles were used to expand the series. a Gigazord parts builder set was also released that could accommodate more ZordBuilder parts.

  • Weapons
    • Bullzooka
    • Hydro Bow

Toy-only designs

  • Tiger Tank
  • Disc Cycles (Red, Blue, Green, Gold)
  • Sword Cycles (Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Shark Attack Red)
  • Samurai Transporter (Re-release and slight retool of the Red Transtek Armor Machine from the Operation Overdrive (Toyline).)

Power Rangers Megaforce

Megaforce and Samurai parts combined

As Megaforce arrived the amount of Zord Vehicles and other exclusive designs lessened. As the show redefines "zords" as Mechazord heads, all ZordBuilder parts had slightly accurate zord parts. Only one Megazord was released - the Gosei Great Megazord. The sixth ranger's Lion Mechazord was released as a Zord vehicle. The Sea Brothers Zords, Sky Brothers Zords, and Land Brothers Zords were all released with hovercrafts that docked them and replaced Datas from the Japanese version, the Knight Brothers Zords and Ultra Change Zord all came with cycle bodies. Weapons were included in the system and Zord Armor was introduced

  • Weapons
    • Ranger Blaster
    • Ultimate Blaster
    • Basic Ultra Sword
    • Robo Blaster
    • Gosei Morpher + Gold Edition

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

This series included Zords from other seasons which comes with keys to activate special features.

  • Cycles with Figures
    • Lost Galaxy Cycle and Red Ranger
    • Time Force Cycle and Blue Ranger
    • Lightspeed Rescue Cycle and Green Ranger
    • Operation Overdrive Cycle and Red Ranger 
    • Jungle Fury Cycle and Blue Ranger
    • Turbo Cycle and Silver Ranger
  • Zord Armor Rangers with Figures
    • Legendary Zord Armor Ranger
    • Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger
    • Samurai Zord Armor Ranger
    • Q Rex Zord Armor Ranger

Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Toyline)

Power Rangers Dino Charge & Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

The series includes redecos of serveral Zords and were labeled as Limited Edition.

  • Cycles
    • Dino Cycle (Red, Black, Blue, Gold, Graphite, T-Rex Super Charge Red)
    • Dino Stunt Bikes (Aqua, T-Rex Super Charge Red, Silver)
  • Zord Armor Rangers
    • Dino Charge Zord Armor Ranger + Gold Edition 
    • Mega Dino Zord Armor Ranger 
    • Ptera Charge Zord Armor Ranger
    • T-Rex Super Charge Zord Armor
    • Titano Charge Dino Zord Rider
    • Super Charged Dino Zord Rider
  • Legendary Zord Set (re-release of 2010 Zord Vehicles)
  • Deluxe Zords
    • Spino Zord + Limited Edition Forest Green
    • Black T-Rex Zord + Limited Edition Yellow

Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

For this line, the auxiliary zords are released as Deluxe Megazords (meaning that they are released with redecos of the four main zords for the Ninja Steel Megazord). The line also features compatibility with the figures and the Ninninger auxiliary mech figures (only). This is the last season in the line since Bandai America lost the license to Hasbro.


In addition to the merchandise, a ZordBuilder iOS game for the iPad was also released, which allows one to drag and drop images of merchandise onto a main viewer and map out possible combos. Bandai's website has a flash game that allows for a similar playability as with the iOS game. In addition, players can upload images of their Zords online.


The Rumble & Roar Trex Zord is said to be included in the series on the website, despite having no ports.

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