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Zoorii is a female tan-colored reptilian-like alien of the planet Navi. Wife of fellow Navi Gator and mother of Waraji.

Zoorii is brought to Earth by the Gozma in a plot to manipulate the Changeman into helping her convince her husband Gator back to Navi to be with her and her son, due to the navigator being away from home for three years to pilot the main Gozma ship. In reality, they were hoping to manipulate the sympathies of one member of the team (ultimately turning to be Shou) to lead to their elimination. Though Gator appears happy to see his wife again, the failure of the plot leads to her abduction away from her husband back home; making the navigator reveal that he really does want to go home to his wife and child but can't due to the mission and the powerful will of his boss: Star King Bazoo.Ep. 27: Gator's Dream of Parent and Child

Zoorii returns to Earth after discovering that her son came to the planet to try and find Gator. Afraid of him discovering his secret job, Zoorii brings her son back to her, but decides to stay on Earth with Waraji in hoping it would be enough to finally convince Gator to leave the Gozma behind.Ep. 47: Gator's Tears of Parent and Child

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