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Zoodo (ゾード Zōdo, 19-20) is a knight-themed Psyma Beast and the eldest of the Hades Demon Siblings under Dark King Zylpheeza.

Character History

Zoodo lead the Hades Demon Warriors in a scheme to destroy random sections of the city using feathers he releases that are blown to the wind before they explode at sundown. When GoGoFive try to stop him and his siblings initially, they are overwhelmed by the siblings' power to the point that they appear to fail to stop the feather bombs from exploding at sundown, leading to casualties and destruction throughout the city and forcing them into retreat. When GoGoFive finally regroup, they end up cornering the Demon Warriors, ultimately with Matoi destroying Zoodo point blank with both the Life Bird and his V-Lancer.

Giant Zoodo

After his destruction, Zylpheeza uses a special card that revives Zoodo, making him more powerful and giving him weapons for hands. GoGoFive try to manage him with Victory Robo before one of its arms gets knocked off. Ultimately GoRed summons Grand Liner, using Grand Storm to pin Zoodo down before the rest of the team use the Braver Sword to destroy him completely.


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Powers and Abilities


His main weapons aside his leadership abilities are the release of explosive feathers that he throws to destroy the city without any knowledge of where the wind takes them while relying on his immense defensive strength to withstand the team attacks. After Zylpheeza uses the Hades Card on him, he loses his helmet but gains two swords, one on each of his hands, for combat.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name is a pun on Sword

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