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Zonos (ゾノス Zonosu) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A bat-like Space Beast with various sound-based abilities, including a sonic singing attack and the power of sonic waves. His main ability was the ability to synchronize with any music being played or sung with his own voice, thus matching them together and causing for the song to cause an explosion, likewise hurting the original singer. Zonos was used in a plot to eliminate all music from Earth, thus demotivating humanity and taking away a source of pleasure. However, the only weapon that could stop Zonos is tone-deaf bad singing, as discovered by Oozora when a boy who sang without realizing his own tone-deaf nature ended up hurting the bat. Oozoroa and the boy worked together to hurt Zonos with their combined terrible singing before the team finishes him off with their Power Bazooka. After being rebuilt, Change Pegasus once again is forced to sing long enough for Zonos to be hit by Change Robo's Dengeki-ken.Ep. 25: Sing! With a Great Voice


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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