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Tomb Profanation Psyma Beast Zombeast is a Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda

Character History

Cobolda summons this Psyma Beast not too long after the death of his elder brother, Dark King Zylpheeza, as he tries to secure the Psyma prior to his youngest brother Drop becoming powerful enough to become their ordained leader. Zombeast takes control of a cemetery and uses it to summon an army of the dead to attack the city under his control. However Nagare becomes involved when a boy who witnesses his grandfather as part of the ghost/zombie army asks him to help save his grandfather from the Psyma Beast. During a raid on the cemetery, the team confronts Zombeast with Matoi wanting to destroy the raised bodies and Nagare wanting only to stop the Psyma Beast thinking that the boy can still get through to his grandfather. Once the boy finally succeeds, the team destroys Zombeast with their V-Lancers; then destroy his ghost with Max Victory Robo after he is resurrected.


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Its main ability is the ability to raise the dead, taking souls from a gravesite and giving them clay bodies which to rampage under his control. These clay bodies are not supposed to have a soul or any memories of their former life, though some residual memories may remain. After growing with the Resurrection Card, it can throw out fireballs.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His motif is that of a mummy.
  • His name is a portmanteau between "Zombie" and "ghost".

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