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This article is about a/an group of monsters in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
"Zombats, Go!"
One-eyed batlings


Make My Monster Grow - Vrak and the Zombats

Make My Monster Grow - Vrak and the Zombats


Zombats are small robotic bat-like creatures sent by Vrak to enlarge monsters. Malkor refers to them as Vrak's pets. Vrak says that he owns them because the royals have access to the best technology.

In appearance, the main body of a Zombat looks similar to a microphone, with bat wings at its sides. Its eye has a blue iris, and appear somewhat blood-shot.
Nido Bibi

Zombats' Hive

Usually summoned by a snap of Vrak's fingers, 6 Zombats would surround the defeated monster, , each generating Brajira's symbol, with the symbol of the monster's faction appearing in the center between them. After that, the creature would be revived as a giant.

Admiral Malkor could also summon Zombats to enlarge himself in the battle against the Mega Rangers.

When Vrak starts creating robots, he upgrades the Zombats as well, this version now called Zombolts. Zombolts have the ability to regenerate and enlarge Vrak's fallen robots. Metal Alice could also summon them with a finger snap or her tablet as well.

These were deemed obsolete by The Armada when Levira invented the Maximizer.Super Megaforce (episode)

The Zombats later return when Vrak begins his plan to plant drills into the Earth's core and are used on Tresnag and Drill Horn, with both becoming the last two drills. After Vrak's death, it's unknown what became of the Zombats or if there are any remaining.Vrak Is Back


  • Their name is a play on the words "zombie" and "bats"; zombies are typically the revived deceased, and these creatures have bat-like wings. Their second name is also a play on the words "zombie" and "bolts".

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