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Zolbas (ゾルバス Zorubasu) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast specifically sent by Bazoo to Earth when he discovers the Space Doll (a doll hiding a message from a wise prophet revealing Bazoo's true identity) exists on the planet. Zolbas possesses a beam that can allow it to easily lift up anyone that is hit by it as well as many deceptive abilities, including abilities of creating illusions that can't be hit and turning invisible. It's only weakness is the Change Flash blinding it allowing for it's true form to become paralyzed briefly and open it to attack. Zolbas pursues a girl Sayaka is looking after due to her possessing the doll in the family for generations, even though other Gozma factions such as Giluke and Ahames also go after the girl and her doll. Though the Changeman retrieve the doll and the prophet's message begins, Zolbas destroys it before it can reveal Bazoo's identity. With no further mission, the Space Beast goes all out, using it's abilities until a Change Flash blinds it, allowing Change Mermaid to spot the real one to render it down with Mermaid Big Wave and then allow for it to be destroyed by the Power Bazooka. It continues to use it's deception abilities after being rebuilt, but Change Robo makes easy work of it.Ep. 31: Reveal It! The Mystery of Bazoo


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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