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|Sentai=Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
|Sentai=Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
|episode=[[What Are Friends For?]]}}
|episode=[[What Are Friends For?]]<br>[[Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen]]}}
'''Zodomas''' ([[Hideo Ishikawa]]) is one of [[Space Empire Zangyack]]'s [[Action Commanders]].
'''Zodomas''' ([[Hideo Ishikawa]]) is one of [[Space Empire Zangyack]]'s [[Action Commanders]].

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Zodomas (Hideo Ishikawa) is one of Space Empire Zangyack's Action Commanders.




A swordsman who believes in winning by any means, having Insarn modify his body with bladed tendrils in response to learning about GokaiBlue's two-blade fighting style. After being defeated by GokaiBlue's five-blade style Blue Slash attack, summoning manifestations of GoseiBlue, ShinkenBlue, MagiBlue, HurricaneBlue and GingaBlue. An enlarged Zodomas is destroyed by Magi Gokaioh. (What Are Friends For?)


  • Height - 199cm
  • Giant Form - 49.8 m
  • Weight - 149kg
  • Giant Form - 372.5t
  • Enhanced modification - elastic exoskeleton
  • Special mission - swordsman earth destruction operations

Originally controlled muscle movement with unparalleled accuracy, the aliens have mastered a variety of superhuman swordsman. To strengthen this muscle has been subjected to surgery to install mods. Afterimages created by the rapid motion sword, with a myriad of technology to launch a shock wave. In addition, by modifying and re-exoskeleton In addition, feeding the blade from the body as Tsurugisan to skewer the enemy.

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