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"Pirate Power, Twokaizer! (海賊のパワー, ツーカイザー! Kaizoku no Pawā, Tsūkaizā!)"
―Twokaizer's Roll Call[src]

"Hot Blooded Superpower! Ohran Form!"
―Ohran Form’s Roll Call

"Cool Samurai! Shinken Form! Going Forth!"
―Shinken Form’s Roll Call

"Pirate Power-Up, Super Twokaizer! (海賊のパワーアップ, スーパーツーカイザー! Kaizoku no Pawā-Appu, Sūpā Tsūkaizā!)"
―Super Twokaizer's Roll Call

"Broken Heart Power! Twokaizer!"
―Twokaizer’s Roll Call in episode 18

"Tennis Power! Twokaizer!"
―Twokaizer’s Roll Call in episode 29

"Tempura Soba Power! Twokaizer!"
―Twokaizer's Roll Call in episode 41

Zocks Goldtsuiker (ゾックス・ゴールドツイカー Zokkusu Gōrudotsuikā) is Twokaizer (ツーカイザー Tsūkaizā), the de-facto Sixth Ranger of the Zenkaigers, although he maintains his distance and never formally joins them. He is also the leader of the World Pirates.

Character History

Zocks comes from Kaizokutopia, a world of Pirates. He and his siblings Flint, Ricky and Cutanner are World Pirates (界賊 Kaizoku), sailing from parallel world to another. They are also fans of the Gokaigers, to the extent that as Twokaizer, he looks like Gokai Red but golden.

During Zenkaizer and Stacaesar's second fight, a mysterious individual descended from a giant half yellow and half blue ship that suddenly showed up in the sky, introducing himself as Zocks Goldtsuiker. After a song and dance routine, he shocked Kaito when he held up the Twokaizer Sentai Gear, and with it, transformed into the showy Twokaizer. He then fought Stacaesar for the Gears he had but was disappointed when they weren't Sentai Gears nor even Tojiru Gears and destroyed the Dark Gears Stacy dropped. After Stacy left to recuperate, he asked the Zenkaigers who they were, much to their exasperation. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!


"Yo-ho-hoy- yo-ho-hoy- yo-ho-hoy-hoy! Hey! I am a World Pirate. In pursuit of treasure, I go from sea to sea! I am a pirate. In pursuit of freedom, I travel from world to world! I'll get my hands on it no matter what! And then I'll get a feeling that's two good! Yo-ho-hoy!"
―Zocks's debut song

Zocks is a very flashy and cool World Pirate. He is conniving and materialistic, having no qualms with stealing the candy from the Candy Cafe Colorful just because he and his family can. He likes to sing songs and perform dance routines, even when transforming into Twokaizer and his other forms. He mainly sings variations of Kaizoku no Uta (界賊の唄 lit. Song of the World Pirates), with variations depending on the current situation.

Zocks cares very much for his family, and will not tolerate them being messed with. His love for his family however leads to him not caring about those he will put aside for them. All of his actions align with the personal goals of the World Pirates, such as being on the Zenkaiger's Earth in the first place, using several dirty tricks in fights for his advantage, and endangering several civilians & even the Zenkaigers as long as he can defeat the present Worlds. This puts him and the World Pirates at severe odds with Kaito and the others.

Even with his selfish ways he has some sense of honor. When he counted his loss towards his and Kaito's challenge, he promised to pay for what they stole from the Candy Cafe Colorful and stop thieving on Earth, though he still paid in a currency they could not accept.

After several more conflicts and encounters involving the World Pirates and the Zenkaigers, they eventually warm up to one another and stop getting in one another's a way when combating the current World threat. Zocks's reason for enjoying Kaito's presence is that he's "fun", as opposed to someone like Stacy.

He seeks to beat the Tojitendo Dynasty in order to undo the curse on his younger brothers Ricky and Cutanner, as they have SDtopia, the world where the two brothers were cursed to be tiny robots, sealed in a Tojiru Gear.




"Yōsorō! Twokai Ni Revolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 185 cm[1]
  • Weight: 100 kg[1]
  • Speed: 120 km/h[1]
  • Power: 1600 hp[1]


As Twokaizer, Zocks has a very flashy fighting style. He opts to perform cartwheels and flashy maneuvers in hand-to-hand combat, along with gunplay with the Geardalinger's Gun Form. He will also use dirty tactics such as shooting his enemy in the back as long as it benefits him.


  • Twokaizer: Gold Scramble: After initiating the finisher with the Geardalinger, Twokaizer launches a gold energy slash at the enemy.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 8-24, 26-

Transformation and Roll Call

Twokaizer Ohran Form

"Yōsorō! Choriki Ni Revolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Ohran Form (オーレンフォーム Ōren Fōmu) is Twokaizer's Ohranger-based form. When he speaks in this form, Rikki's voice overlaps with his.

In this form, Twokaizer fights in close-quarters combat with his fists and legs, delivering rapid powerful punches, chops, and kicks to his opponent.



  • to be added


  • Twokaizer: Chouriki Star Knuckle: After initiating the finisher with the Geardalinger, a small portal appears before Twokaizer. He then punches through the portal, which translates to a portal above the enemy, causing a giant version of Twokaizer's fist to crush the opponent.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 9-10, 14, 19, 23, 31, 39, 44

Transformation and Roll Call

Twokaizer Shinken Form

"Yōsorō! Shinken Ni Revolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Shinken Form (シンケンフォーム Shinken Fōmu) is Twokaizer's Shinkenger-based form. When he speaks in this form, Cutanner's voice overlaps with his.

In this form Twokaizer relies on the Geardalinger's Sword Form as a weapon. He uses patient swordsmanship that is based on ShinkenRed's, forcing opponents back with the tip of his sword and blocking attacks by placing the Geardalinger's blade parallel to his back.

Since he is inspired by Shinken Red, Twokaizer can also set the Geardalinger's blade on fire for attacks.



  • to be added


  • Twokaizer: Shinken Strike: After initiating the finisher with his Geardalinger, the Geardalinger's blade projects a large burning image of the Rekka Daizantou. Twokaizer then delivers a hefty diagonal slash while the blade is surrounded by flames.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 9-10, 13-14, 16, 23, 31, 39, 41, 43

Transformation and Roll Call

Super Twokaizer

"Yōsorō! Chou! Twokai Ni Revolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 185 cm[2]
  • Weight: 120 kg[2]
  • Speed: 170 km/h[2]
  • Power: 17,000,000 hp[2]

Twokaizer can use the ZenKaijuu Gear to transform into Super Twokaizer (スーパーツーカイザー Sūpā Tsūkaizā)[3].

In contrast with the bulky Super Zenkaizer, Super Twokaizer gains enhanced speed and strength, being able to dash towards the enemy and perform several slashes with the Geardalinger in a short span of time.




Twokaizer: Rex Refreezer (ツーカイザー・レックスリフレイザー Tsūkaizā Rekkusu Rifureizā): Super Twokaizer generates energy through the V-Rex chest plate, which turns into an energy manifestation of a Sentai Gear, turning into a rotational energy wave and manifesting five red energy missiles. Super Twokaizer then executes a swiping uppercut with the Geardalinger, launching the energy missiles at the target, destroying it upon impact.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 20-24, 26-31, 33-41, 44

Transformation and Roll Call

"Big Bang!"
―Transformation announcement via Zenkaiju Gear[src]

Super Twokaizer assumes the form of Super Twokaizer SD (スーパーツーカイザーSD Sūpā Tsūkaizā Esu Di) to combine with Super Zenkaizer into Cho Zenkai Gattaiju ZenKaijuOh[4][5], and form the head and chest armor of Super TwokaiOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 21-24, 26-30, 33-34, 36, 38, 40-41


Behind the Scenes



  • Twokaizer's suit is heavily inspired by the Gokaigers, with ridges going all the way down his legs. His helmet visor is a 1:1 recreation of Gokai Red's. His silhouette evokes Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh with his helmet being very similar to GokaiOh's, as well as his shoulder armor extending past his shoulders. His shoulder armor also uses the zigzag pattern on the Zenkaiger's logo.
  • Twokaizer's Ohran form recalls various elements of Ohranger including Riki's royal and KingRanger suits, as well as Gunmazin's loincloth and color. On his loincloth are the symbols of the five Ohrangers in order of the Ohranger Robo formation. Twokaizer's helmet also now has OhRed's logo on it, with the number now being 19 instead of 35.
  • Twokaizer's Shinken form recalls the Hyper Shinken form’s red coat of the Shinkengers, with ShinkenRed's symbol on his chest as well as the Shinkenger logo on either side. Twokaizer's helmet also now has a fire kanji on the helmet, along with the number now being 33 instead of 35.
  • Super Twokaizer's design is based on V-Rex from Mirai Sentai Timeranger.
  • Super Twokaizer SD's design is based on a mix of both V-Rex and GokaiOh, The V-Rex like head is placed on his chest in manner similar to GokaiOh's alternate forms.


Zocks' official name spelling

Goldtsuiker's name in English as shown on TV-Asahi's official site.

An alternate spelling of Zocks Goldtsuiker, "Zox Gorldtsuikar", as shown in TV-Kun.

  • Zocks is an amalgamation of "thief" ( Zoku) and "six" (シックス Shikkusu), while Goldtsuiker is a combination and pun on "gold" (ゴールド Gōrudo) and "additional" (追加 Tsuika).
  • Twokai is pun on the words "exciting" (痛快 Tsūkai) and "messenger"/"user" (使い Tsukai).
  • Goldtsuiker is alternatively shown to be spelled as Gorldtsuikar, which adds another pun on "world" (ワールド Wārudo).


  • Upon Twokaizer's first reveal in magazines and debut in Episode 8, many fans jokingly referred to his suit's heavy inspiration to that of the Gokaigers', calling him Gokai Gold (ゴーカイゴールド Gōkai Gōrudo), which began trending on Twitter. [7]
  • His catchphrase "Let's make this thrilling!" (痛快に行くぜ! Tsūkai ni iku ze!) is a reference to Captain Marvelous's catchphrase "Let's make this extremely showy!" ((ド)派手に行くぜ! (Do) Hade ni iku ze!).
  • Zocks is tied with Kinji Takigawa/StarNinger for the earliest debut of a Sixth Ranger in Super Sentai.
  • Super Twokaizer's roll call pose is an amalgamation of both TimeFire's and Gokai Red's pre-battle poses and gestures.
  • Zocks's transformation dances were choreographed by Mashiko himself.[8]



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