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Zobi (ゾビー Zobī) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma; originally hailing from planet Giras

Character History

A Space Beast who was a friend and ally of General Giluke, both being from the same homeworld. It possessed various abilities, including the ability to transport anyone caught within it's eye into another dimension which it controls and firing lasers. However, it's most unique ability is being able to split into two, still-living pieces that ultimately rampage on their own in order to come back together; the head floating through the sky while the body destroying everything in it's path without knowing what it is doing. Giluke splits Zobi in two in order for it to rampage, while sending Booba to Earth to keep the parts apart with a weapon to keep them separated. Tsurugi attempts to try and allow the Changeman to face the two parts separated, but the weird skills of Zobi's head and Booba prevented him from allowing for him to get the parts back together. Ultimately with the mechanic of the EDF allowing for an upgrade to his Auto-Changer bike, Tsurugi is able to destroy Booba's weapon and allow for the team reunite the two Zobi parts, where it is dealt with first with the Dragon-Zooka, then the full Power Bazooka, and finally with Change Robo after Zobi is rebuilt.Ep. 3: Scram! Soldier Team


Zobi was an old of General Giluke, both being from the same planet they were aperentling feered has part of the same gang or mencenary group. when hole the creater is fairly ratinal but when its head and body are seperated the are both mindless only obsest with reuniting.

Modus and Arsenal

zobi was a very powerful monster brout in with one goal destroy the Changeman. zobi had many abiltys buts it's most unique ability is being able to split into two, still-living pieces that could fight on there own. the head could fly shoot lavers project ilustions transport anyone caught within it's eye into another dimension. the bondy has on the othere hand has no speacle powers but is very strong. in truth the tow seem more like two creaters living has a symbiotic pair rather then on being. after seperating or reather being seperatd by General Giluke they were sentto different partsof the city forcing the chargman to split up and rending them unable to use there Power Bazooka. whens sperated the two will franticlyseek to reunite with eatch other. requiring Tsurugi to use a speacal device  to keep them seprit.



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Behind the Scenes

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