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"When I grow up, I want to fight for good, just like you."

Zika was the original Magna Defender's son. He was killed by Scorpius 3000 years ago. This is what caused the Magna Defender to go on a quest for revenge. During his plan to blow up Terra Venture in order to kill Scorpius, the Magna Defender was heavily wounded by a monster. He saw the rangers trying to stop the explosion, risking their own lives in the process. When he started reminiscing the times he was like them, a warrior fighting to protect people, Zika appeared before him. Zika encouraged him that he still was a warrior of good, and it was not too late to redeem himself. This caused the Magna Defender to sacrifice himself to save Terra Venture.

When the Power Rangers were captured by Skelekron, Zika appeared to Mike Corbett, alongside his father, as a spirit. Together they passed the torch on to Mike, so he would become the second Magna Defender. Zika would be avenged when Mike's brother Leo destroyed Scorpius.


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