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Zigama as seen in space.

Zigama (ジガマ Jigama, 1, 2, 23, 36) is a industrial planet that invaded by Space Shogunate Jark Matter, ruled by Gamettsui. It has mechanized rings. It appears to have a varied alien populace. The thieves Balance and Naga Rei are currently here. In a diner, they spot the Kyurangers on a wanted poster. Space.1: The Super Stars of Space

Tsurugi Zigama

Tsurugi's message broadcast on Zigama.

As a Jark Matter-occupied planet, Zigama received transmissions from the Earth-based Jark Matter Broadcasting. Comandeering the broadcasting center, Tsurugi Ohtori used the facility to send out a message which introduced himself to Zigama among the rest of space. Space.23: Become My Shield!

Zigama was among the planets which received Hoshi Minato's space-wide message to rise up against Jark Matter. Space.36: The Legend That Sleeps in Lucky's Homeworld

Four years following the fall of Don Armage, Balance and Naga were on Zigama when they saw a universal news broadcast reporting Hammie's theft of the Neo Kyutama. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


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