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Zhane's Destiny is the twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers In Space.


The Power Rangers investigate readings from a planet under a constant sandstorm. They discover it's also the current home to the former inhabitants of KO-35, who are staging a rebellion against Dark Specter's forces in secret. Darkonda is among them, in disguise as an officer, who tries to turn the Rebels against the Rangers, as well as unleash the Coralizer monster, which tries to turn the Rebels into coral. The Core Rangers destroy the monster with the Astro Delta Megazord while Zhane destroys Darkonda. With Coralizer gone, the Rebels affected by him return to normal. However, because Darkonda revealed the Rebels' location to Dark Specter, they are forced to evacuate immediately. Zhane decides to stay with the Rebels and help them for a while.


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  • At one point, Tykwa calls T.J. by name, but they were never introduced and his name was never said in her presence.


  • This marks the first appearances of Commander Kinwon and Tykwa.
  • Second episode after the events of the previous episode "A Date with Danger" in which Astronema demonstrates loving feelings towards Zhane, even she was briefly reluctant to order an attack against him after receiving instructions from Dark Specter. Later only Zhane again indirectly mentions the subject with Andros in "Dark Specter's Revenge".

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