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ζ3 (ゼータスリー Zētasurī), commonly romanized as Zeta-3, is a clean energy source developed by the year 3000 in Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Not discovered until the era of the 30th century, the energy source is derived from the processing of Lambda 2000 through advanced technology. The processing of the Lambda 2000 into Zeta-3 makes it cleaner and safer to use, most notably in preventing the creation of temporal anomalies which occur due to the less processed energy source.

Although Lambda-2000 was researched by the year 2000 by the Kawasaki Laboratory controlled by the Asami Group, no one of the period knew of Zeta-3 outside those who came from the future, such as Navigator Robo Tac and Gien. When Gien began creating robots in the past by stealing Lambda 2000 energy cells, he would immediately transform them into Zeta-3 knowing that they couldn't be used in their unprocessed state.

However with the deterioration of Gien's mind leading to the Great Annihilation, he deliberately stopped processing the energy for Zeta-3 and used Lambda 2000 as the main energy source for his final robots, MechaCrisis and NeoCrisis, the latter lead to the creation of temporal portals annihilating the past in combat with another Lambda 2000 mecha, V-Rex. In order to stop the final destruction of the world, Tatsuya Asami ultimately uses the DV Defender's laser fired right at V-Rex to process the Lambda 2000 into Zeta-3; combined with the final defeat of the NeoCrisis brought the temporal chaos to an end.Case File 18: A Shadowy PremonitionCase File 47: The End of the Don-Case File 50: To an Infinite Tomorrow

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