Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an Megazord and its components in Power Rangers Zeo, the second season in the Zordon Era.

The Zeo Megazord's finishing attack

The Zeo Megazord is a combination of the five Zeo Zords. Usually in Warrior Mode with the Zeo V Battle Helmet, the Zeo Megazord can don helmets from the other four Zeo Zords as well. It was armed with the Zeo Megazord Saber, which could charge up for an energy slash. The Zeo Megazord presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.

Zeo Zords

The Zeo Zords are the first set of Zords used by the Power Rangers Zeo. Billy Cranston and Alpha 5 worked on these new Zords, which were based on creatures and structures from ancient Earth mythology. It was mentioned that they were created from old zords; likely the remains of the Dino Megazord/Thunder Megazord, White Tigerzord, Dragonzord, Tor the Shuttlezord, and Titanus (as they lost access to the Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord). They were never destroyed and are likely still laying dormant in the Zeo Zord hangar on Earth.

Zeo Zord I

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Piloted by Katherine, it was based on the Moai. It had a powerful cannon on top and five missile launchers on each side. It was usually pulled into battle by Zeo Zord III. Formed the right lower leg of the Zeo Megazord; the top-mounted cannon formed the Zeo I Battle Helmet.

Zeo Zord II

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Piloted by Tanya, it was based on the Dogu. It had two top-mounted blasters and a pair of swiveling cannons, one on each side. It was usually pulled into battle by Zeo Zord IV. Formed the left lower leg of the Zeo Megazord; the top-mounted blaster apparatus formed the Zeo II Battle Helmet.

Zeo Zord III

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Piloted by Rocky, it was based on the Sphinx. It had sharp teeth and two laser guns on its forehead. Formed arms and upper torso of the Zeo Megazord; a piece on its back formed the Zeo III Battle Helmet.

Zeo Zord IV

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Piloted by Adam, it was based on Taurus the Bull. It launched lightning bolts from the tips of its horns and could crush opponents with its' hooves. Formed waist and upper legs of the Zeo Megazord; its head formed the Zeo IV Battle Helmet.

Zeo Zord V

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Piloted by Tommy, it was based on the Phoenix. It could fly, fire lasers, and carried the Defender Wheel vehicle aboard (launching it as needed). Formed the head and back of the Zeo Megazord; the lower tail feathers formed the Zeo V Battle Helmet - the Zeo Megazord's default helmet.

Battle Helmets

The Zeo Megazord enters different modes depending on which helmet it wears. The helmets give these powers:

Zeo Megazord battle helmet 1

Zeo I Battle Helmet: Cannon Mode - A large cannon on its head fires powerful blasts of energy. Also capable of spinning and creating a pink cyclone to hit monsters with.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 3, 7, 17, 26, 47

Zeo Megazord battle helmet 2

Zeo II Battle Helmet: Rocket Mode - This helmet had a pair of side-mounted laser cannons that shot fast, powerful shots. It could also be used as rocket boosters in space. The helmet also allowed the Megazord to perform a powered kick attack.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 3, 8, 17, 21, 47

Zeo Megazord battle helmet 3

Zeo III Battle Helmet: Pyramid Mode - This helmet gave the Megazord telekinesis. It could use a blue beam to lift up and slam Machine Monsters into the ground repeatedly. Also capable of firing a blue laser.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 3, 6, 13, 47

Zeo Megazord battle helmet 4

Zeo IV Battle Helmet: Gravity Mode - This helmet possessed a pair of long horns that were used to batter the enemy into submission. It is also capable of neutralizing gravity fields around the Megazord. Also fires green lightning bolts.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 3, 8, 13, 16, 20, 47

Zeo Megazord battle helmet 5

Zeo V Battle Helmet: Warrior Mode - Warrior Helmet, the standard helmet. It is used to summon the Zeo Megazord Saber.


Legendary Ranger Devices

Zeo Megazord Dino Charger

The Zeo Megazord represents the Zeo Rangers for the Zeo Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Zeo's case, it featured Zeo Ranger V Red, the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Zeo Megazord, and the Zeo title. This Charger was paired with the Operation Overdrive Dino Charger.

Other Combinations

  • Zeo Megazord could combine with Red Battlezord to form the Zeo MegaBattlezord.
  • The above zords, separated into individual components can be used with Pyramidas to form the Zeo Ultrazord.

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