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Galactabeast zenith-gb-rebuilding

Shark Galactabeast

Tiburon Galac 1

Shark Galactabeast floating in space

LG Zenith Carrier Zord Warrior

Warrior Mode

The rebuilt Shark Galactabeast was turned into the Zenith Carrierzord, a large flying fortress (equipped with tank treads for ground movement) that carried the Centaurus and Stratoforce component zords; it was occasionally shown as emerging from behind a waterfall (presumably somewhere in Terra Venture) when needed. It transformed into a more humanoid form ("Warrior Mode") to release the C-Zords and S-Zords. The S-Zords were carried within the shark head and atop the hand cannons; the C-Zords were contained in several different fold-out compartments in the legs. Zenith attacks with a pair of large beam cannons on its underside in vehicle mode; for robot mode, it attacks with large hand-shaped cannons. However, it only participated in battle twice and never took a hit in either case, the second time arriving in time to save the Galaxy Megazord from its former master, Deviot. Zenith was last seen in Terra Venture. It is unknown if Zenith had been destroyed along with the colony or evacuated to Mirinoi.

Warrior Mode


Zords Carried

  • C-Zords
    • C-Zord 1
    • C-Zord 2
    • C-Zord 3
    • C-Zord 4
    • C-Zord 5
  • S-Zords
    • S-Zord 1
    • S-Zord 2
    • S-Zord 3
    • S-Zord 4
    • S-Zord 5

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