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"He gave me life. Life you stole from me. And now you will repay it with your own!"
―Zeltrax revealing his hatred of Tommy Oliver[src]

Zeltrax was one of Mesogog's henchmen.


Early Life

Terrance "Smitty" Smith was a partner of Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer during the explosion of their lab where he was brutally damaged. Mesogog found his ruined body and rebuilt him with cybernetic technology into a black armored cyborg.

As Zeltrax

As Zeltrax, he is bent only on gaining revenge on Tommy and holds him responsible for the recent tragic events in his life, including his near fatal accident. During his attempts at revenge, he inadvertently created a clone "son" named Goldenrod. Goldenrod proved a powerful adversary to the Rangers, but was destroyed by Tommy, increasing Zeltrax's hatred of the Black Ranger. After a second near fatal experience, because of his master's plans, Zeltrax mutinied against Mesogog and went out on his own. Zeltrax later gained a super powered form through the special underground spring that flowed beneath the Tree of Life. In the final episode of Dino Thunder, with the aid of the Triptoids, Zeltrax built his giant Zelzord, which was destroyed by the self-destruction of the Rangers' Dinozords. Zeltrax was eventually destroyed by Tommy Oliver and Kira Ford.

SPD Encounter

Zeltrax also appeared in the Dino Thunder/SPD team up episode, Wormhole, which is set before the Dino Rangers' final battles. During the episode, Zeltrax reluctantly joined forces with Emperor Gruumm who had traveled back in time through a temporal wormhole. Together they fought the Dino Rangers and the S.P.D. Rangers. Despite Gruumm's aid, Zeltrax was defeated by a double-team from Tommy and Anubis Cruger, the SPD Shadow Ranger. Zeltrax then retreated and left the Tyrannodrones he had to their doom.


  • Zeltrax's armor is the only villain from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger to be used regularly. However, Creative Messenger Mikela and Visionary Messenger Voffa appeared in Thunder Storm as guards of Lothor.
  • Unlike his Super Sentai counterpart which was an enchanted armor that was passed down between people when another person defeated the one who wielded it, Zeltrax was a singular villain whose armor was created as a cybernetic replacement for his original body.
  • Unlike many other villainously altered former friends or family in Power Rangers, there never seemed to be any real chance of reaching Smitty. There were occasional indications that Smitty's resentment of Tommy pre-dated the accident, thus making him a less likely candidate for redemption.
  • In Polish he is called Black Knight.
  • Zeltrax is similar to Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. Like Vader he had serious life threatening injuries to his body which forced him to wear a life support suit.

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