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Zela is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma, originally from planet Poseidonia

Character History

The self-stated last survivor of the planet Poseidonia, this Space Beast is at home underwater where he can best use his abilities; the most notable of which involves using a special fog that disperses all sea life that swims within it, making the waters barren for all those within it; he also can use an electric attack. Seeing the potential of conquering Earth with 2/3rds of the planet water, Zela was summoned to disrupt marine life to make surface dwellers have problems in surviving and gain easy control of the planet. However, his efforts slowly become thwarted due to the Changeman (notably Shou) discovering a boy named Shinpei, who unknowingly was descendant from Posiedonians and had both ESP and the ability to speak to marine life chased away by Zela. After restoring the water dwellers, Change Griffon crushes Zela with the Griffon Magma Galaxy before destroying him with the Power Bazooka. After Gyodai rebuilds him, he tries to take on the Changeman underwater, but they manage to drive him back to the surface before finishing him with the Dengeki-ken.Ep. 23: The Boy Who Rides Dolphins


The self-stated last survivor of the planet Poseidonia. he beleaves he is the ritful inheritor of the planets power. and is enragesd when he discovers there is another how posses his power.

Modus and Arsenal

Zelas main a bility was a magicle fog that contained with in it a sepert pocket demiemtion. with it he could empty the seas and ocens of life. with  2/3rds of the planet water it would drasticly maby ereplitly damage the planets ecalogy be on repair. he tryed and fail to use it to hid from the  the Power Bazooka. he also can use an electric attack.



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Behind the Scenes

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