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Zedd Waves is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Angel Grove is the site of the exciting Stone Canyon triathlon but Lord Zedd interrupts the event by using the Beamcaster to plunge the entire city into his mindless slaves. Even the Power Rangers fall victim to this, forcing Zordon to call upon Rocky, Adam and Aisha for help. Can these powerless teens save Angel Grove and our heroes?


On the day of the Stone Canyon Triathalon, Tommy and Billy visit Rocky, Adam, and Aisha at the starting line to wish them good luck in the race. They will be watching the race from the opposite side of the lake. Kimberly arrives and tells Tommy and Billy that she heard that a decision will soon be made regarding which Angel Grove students will be chosen to attend the World Teen Peace Conference. Billy remarks how much of a prestigous honor it would be to be chosen and Kimberly hints that, since he is a high honors student, they might pick him. Tommy's troubled by that idea, worried about what would happen to the Power Rangers if Billy leaves to attend the conference. They all worry what would happen if any of them were chosen. The triathalon race begins and the participants dive into the lake to begin the first leg. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Goldar are looking forward to taking advantage of the distraction caused by the race.

Bulk and Skull are watching the race from a canoe on the lake and think that some of the racers could be Power Rangers, since they are so athletically gifted. Bulk has brought a homemade device called an "energy output meter", thinking that a Power Ranger would likely project more energy than a normal person, and claiming that his makeshift device can detect it. Skull pretends to be fishing as a diversion while Bulk uses the energy output meter on the racers who are swimming by. Skull accidentally catches something big, but while he's trying to reel it in, Lord Zedd teleports both their fishing pole and the energy output meter back to his base, causing Bulk and Skull to fall backwards, capsizing their boat. Bulk tells Skull that his dad is going to kill him for losing his fishing rod again, and Skull quickly dips underwater in defeat.

Lord Zedd is looking forward to unleashing his mind-controlling "Zedd Waves" upon the Earth, and he summons the monster Beamcaster to the Angel Grove park to begin the process of transmitting his Zedd Waves. Beamcaster (who talks like a classic radio DJ) begins shooting mind-controlling Zedd Waves at random people in the park. When hit, they each are put into a trance, stand up with arms out, begin walking aimlessly, and chant: "Hail Lord Zedd", to Beamcaster's delight. The alarm sounds in the Command Center, causing Alpha and Zordon to notify Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha arrive at the other side of the lake and Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly help them to quicky change into biking outfits so they can start the next leg of the race. They miss Alpha's communicator alert, so Zordon suggests contacting Jason, Zack, and Trini instead, who are just coming back to shore from scuba diving together. They morph into action at the park and confront Beamcaster. Beamcaster hits all three of them with a Zedd Wave, and they too become entranced. Lord Zedd is excited about the success of his plan and decides to send a group of Z-Putties to the park to attack Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly. As they begin to fight, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha ride by on their bikes. They jump off their bikes and assist their friends in battling the Z-Putties, ultimating defeating them. Tommy thanks Rocky, Adam, and Aisha for their help, upset that it might have affected their chance of winning the races. Rocky dismisses the idea and tells Tommy that it was the right decision.

Zordon reaches Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly on their communicators and summons them to the Command Center. Zordon uses the Viewing Globe to explain Beamcaster and his power to the three Rangers. He reveals that the other Rangers are currently hypnotized by the Zedd Waves, and the only way for them to awaken them from the trance is to reverse the Zedd Waves. Tommy asks Billy if he can make a device to reverse the waves, and he agrees to give it a shot. Zordon warns them that the longer people are hypnotized, the harder it will be to reverse the effects.

Meanwhile, the triathalon continues in the park, and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are back in the race. Bulk and Skull happen upon Beamcaster, who hits them both with Zedd Waves, hypnotizing them as well. Beamcaster appears near a crowd watching the race and hypnotizes them all. Billy's device isn't fully tested, but Tommy insists that they have to try using it regardless. Zordon warns them to avoid the Zedd Waves themselves, and the three Rangers morph into action. Beamcaster knocks the wave reversal device out of Billy's hands, and all of the hypnotized people start marching towards the Rangers, preventing them from retrieving the device. The mob crushes the device as they mindlessly march towards the Rangers. Beamcaster hits Billy and Kimberly with Zedd Waves, hypnotizing them as well. Zordon and Alpha are worried as Tommy is the only Ranger not hypnotized. He confronts Beamcaster, who throws a cherry bomb at him. Tommy dodges the bomb, but Beamcaster throws several more at him. He finally hits Tommy with a Zedd Wave, hypnotizing him as well.

Rocky, Adam, and Aisha arrive to see the large mob of hypnotized people and leap off their bikes to look and Rocky picks up Billy's crushed device, which makes the hypnotized people to believe that they're Power Rangers and go after them, but they're rescued by Alpha who teleports them without warning to the Command Center. Zordon explains the situation to them. Alpha tells them about the crushed reverser device, and Aisha notices that while the outer casing is destroyed, the internal compnents aren't badly damaged. She's familiar with fixing radio frequency technology because she worked at a radio station for the last three summers, so she quickly repair the device back to working order. They fire the device at the Viewing Glove, aiming the reversal beams through the globe at the Rangers who are in the park. The beam isn't strong enough to reverse the Zedd Waves' effects on the Rangers, who Zordon offers to amplify the beam's strength with his "brain power". He projects beams of energy from himself to the device, which increases its power and breaks the spell on the Rangers. They teleport to the Command Center, where Zordon explains that Rocky, Adam, and Aisha saved them, and tells them to use the frequency reverser on Beamcaster to destroy him.

The Rangers teleport back to the park and confront Beamcaster again, where Billy fires the reversal device at him, but he reflects the beam back at the Rangers. Beamcaster tries throwing several bombs at the Rangers, but Tommy catches two of them and throws them back at him, exploding on contact. The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it at Beamcaster, which destroys him.

Back in the park, all of the people who were hypnotized by the Zedd Waves immediately snap out of their trance, including Bulk and Skull, who have no memory of the ordeal. Shortly thereafter, the final leg of the triathalon is finishing up, as Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly wait at the finish line. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha don't win the race, but they finish strong. Billy congratulates them, and Rocky thanks them for waiting for them at the finish line. Kimberly feels bad about ruining their chances of winning, but Aisha is content as they tried hard. Adam says that helping them out is one of the most important things they've ever done, so it was worth it. They all exchange handshakes in mutual appreciation.




  • The shot of the Absent Rangers exiting the ocean was previously deleted footage from Something Fishy.”
    • It was originally cut because they had two identical shots and decided not to use this one.
  • The shot of Beamcaster pulling out an apple bomb has it appear in a poof of flames to disguise an awful looking jump cut in Dairanger where it just materializes in his hand.
  • This episode is notable for several reasons due to being;
    • The final time a monster is killed by the Power Blaster.
    • It was only used once more against Cannontop but he survived it without a scratch.
    • The penultimate use of the Power Blast6er overall.
  • First example of blatantly Japanese imagery in the Power Rangers franchise since the Beamcaster wears a giant kasa in even US scenes (a kasa being the large “straw hat” on his head).
    • This was left in during even US created scenes to match up with Dairanger and removing it would create a blatant error of him suddenly gaining it when they cut to Dairanger footage of him in the quarry.
    • The final time that the original five Power Rangers use it. By the time of it’s final use in Scavenger Hunt, Jason, Zack and Trini had left for the international Peace Conference and been replaced by Rocky, Adam and Aisha.
    • The first episode where non-Rangers (in this case Adam, Rocky and Aisha) save the day and the Power Rangers by extension.
    • Final standalone episode to feature the original five Power Rangers since the following two episodes were a two-parter that had Jason and the others replaced.
  • A shot of Saba being thrown at the Beamcaster was cut out completely because it involved him being stabbed where his throat would be if he had a neck.
  • The Beamcaster’s death shot is different here than it was in Dairanger. In Power Rangers, he just collapses to his knees and implodes but he falls on his face and explodes in Dairanger.
    • The shot of him exploding was cut down heavily to omit the very obvious Dairangers clearly being there and wielding the Power Cannon.
  • This episode had many similarities to one of the franchise’s most famous episodes, “Food Fight.” Both episodes featured monsters who didn’t grow giant, involved the Power Blaster, had the monster of the week voiced by Dave Mallow, and in some way incapacitate the Rangers (eating the Power Weapons and mind control).
  • Production wise, according to scripts of the episode released online, this was written before “Two For One” but filmed after. As such, writer Mark Litton assumed that John, Jones, and Trang were available for filming as they hadn’t walked off the show by that point.
    • This really shows in the portion where Zedd sends down the Putties after the Absent Rangers are brainwashed. It was clearly a scene inserted to have an excuse to ignore them for most of the episode and the dialogue really shows. Zedd completely ignores that they were just brainwashed and even gets angry at Goldar for mentioning the Power Rangers.
  • This episode is well known as being the start of the “random minion pose” era of Power Rangers that lasted until the end of the second season. Instead of the Putties just surrounding the Rangers, they would always appear in some silly looking pose and try to look threatening (in this case getting into a conga line and waving their arms around).
  • A shot of Saba being thrown at the Beamcaster was cut out completely because it involved him being stabbed where his throat would be if he had a neck.
  • The shots of Jason, Zack, and Trini unmorphed were recycled from "Something Fishy" from Season 1.
  • Final time the Power Blaster successfully destroys a monster and its penultimate use overall.
  • This is the first episode in which normal people (Rocky, Adam and Aisha) save the day despite not being Power Rangers (yet).
  • This is the last episode where Rocky, Adam and Aisha are regular people before they take Jason, Zack and Trini's places respectively as the new Red, Black and Yellow Power Rangers respectively.
  • Beamcaster breaks the fourth wall in this episode. After Tommy he says “Now it’s time for me to take a commercial break.” of which a commercial break does occur after he vanishes.


  • When the preview shows the Beamcaster for the first time, we see him atop a hill but the immediate next shot had him jump cut to near the base of the hill to brainwash the citizens.
  • The preview’s stinger line calls Rocky, Adam and Aisha the Power Rangers’ “new friends.” This is despite the fact that it has clearly been several weeks since “The Ninja Encounter” since, at the very least, it would take at least a week to set up the triathlon course.
  • Both this episode and the following two-parter act like being chosen to go to the peace conference is like a raffle draw and not something one has to put their name forward for.
  • Zedd says that he plans to “quietly enslave the world.” The Beamcaster then has everyone walk like zombies and bellow “HAIL LORD ZEDD!” at the top of their lungs.
  • When the Absent Trio exit the ocean, Zack is at the front of the group. When Jason answers Zordon, he is at the front and Zack is suddenly at the back of the ground.
    • Also, their diving gear suddenly jump-cuts off of their bodies between shots due to cutting down the second so that they didn’t have to have the three talk.
  • Zack is wearing a snorkel in the stock footage which vanishes when he morphs and is never seen again.
  • The Beamcaster arrives to brainwash the triathlon crowd but they don’t react to him despite the monster bellowing at the top of his proverbial lungs.
  • The Power Rangers leave the Command Center without testing the device which was a critical mistake.
    • They were under a time crunch or something because Zordon said that it would eventually be impossible to break the brainwashing but the device not working would put a severe damper on the rescue.
  • Zordon says “Remember Rangers, you must stay out ot Beamcaster’s Zedd Waves or you too will become his puppet.” Manahan mistakenly says it in the singular when he meant it in the plural but no-one decided to do a second take.
  • Jason steps over Billy’s device once when cornering him and Kimberly and then does it again in a close-up to stop him from grabbing it.
  • Despite Tommy catching a bomb and quipping “hot potato time Beamcaster,” the bomb looks nothing like a potato.
    • This is because, in Dairanger, it was actually a mini-Buddha statue. They edited around the shots of it so it was distant and added that line in to remove Buddhist symbolism that could alienate their audience.
  • The “potato” bomb is white when the Beamcaster throws it, turns orange when Tommy catches it, and then becomes white again when the Beamcaster is blasted down.
  • Whilst unmorphed, Zack has the original flattop fade worn throughout Season 1 rather than the dreadlocks he wore throughout Walter Jones' actual appearances in Season 2.
    • Additionally, the opening scene with Kimberly and Trini features the original Putties even though the Z-Putties replaced them at the start of Season 2.

Dairanger weapons

  • During the scene where Tommy tosses back explosives at Beamcaster, the arsenal of the Dairangers can be see behind Beamcaster.
  • Kimberly says, "We're really sorry that by helping us, we kept you guys from winning".  This should be, "We're really sorry that by helping us, you guys missed your chance to win."
  • When the Rangers use the Power Blaster to destroy Beamcaster, it first shoots the usual energy blast before switching to a flaming fireball used during the Power Cannon attack, as this monster was destroyed by it in Dairanger.
  • Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy morph slightly out of order, with Billy morphing between Tommy and Kimberly.
  • Aisha fixed the frequency reverser by seemingly just tucking wires back into the casing.
  • Zordon stated that the frequency reverser had to be fired at the source of the frequency malfunction, however the teens fired it at the Rangers as opposed to the actual source, Beamcaster himself.
  • The Power Blaster shot an energy sphere (from the yet-unintroduced Power Cannon) as opposed to the usual stream of energy.
  • When Beamcaster threw some dynamite at the rangers, it was in the colors red, yellow and blue. When Tommy caught it all 3 sticks were orange. when they were tossed back to Beamcaster they changed back to red, yellow, and blue.
  • When Tommy, Kimberly & Billy were talking to Rocky, Adam & Aisha at the end of the episode, they were a couple feet away from the reporter and the news channel's camera.  When listening back to the footage they filmed they'd have easily heard the six talking about the Power Rangers and figured out Tommy, Billy & Kimberly were 3 of the 6 Power Rangers and, as journalists, would have reported this.  
  • Tommy was clearly in the park when he threw the dynamite back at Beamcaster although the monster was in a quarry.
    • The Sentai shot of him throwing it back couldn't be used due to him standing with the other Dairangers.
  • In the US Beamcaster's suit is a reddish-brown color, but in Japan, his suit is a dark blue color.

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