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Zedd Waves is the 26th episode of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Angel Grove is the sight of the exciting Stone Canyon triathlon. But, Zedd interrupts the event by using one of his monsters to hypnotize the crowd into obedience. Even the Power Rangers struggle against Zedd's power.


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  • Kimberly says, "We're really sorry that by helping us, we kept you guys from winning".  This should be, "We're really sorry that by helping us, you guys missed your chance to win".
  • Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy morph slightly out of order, with Billy morphing between Tommy and Kimberly.
  • Aisha fixed the frequency reverser by seemingly just tucking wires back into the casing.
  • Zordon stated that the frequency reverser had to be fired at the source of the frequency malfunction, however the teens fired it at the Rangers as opposed to the actual source, Beamcaster himself.
  • The Power Blaster shot an energy sphere (from the yet-unintroduced Power Cannon) as opposed to the usual stream of energy.
  • When Beamcaster threw some dynamite at the rangers, it was in the colors red, yellow and blue. When Tommy caught it all 3 sticks were orange. when they were tossed back to Beamcaster they changed back to red, yellow, and blue.
  • When Tommy, Kimberly & Billy were talking to Rocky, Adam & Aisha at the end of the episode, they were a couple feet away from the reporter and the news channel's camera.  When listening back to the footage they filmed they'd have easily heard the six talking about the Power Rangers and figured out Tommy, Billy & Kimberly were 3 of the 6 Power Rangers and, as journalists, would have reported this.  
  • Tommy was clearly in the park when he threw the dynamite back at Beamcaster although the monster was in a quarry.
    • The Sentai shot of him throwing it back couldn't be used due to him standing with the other Dairangers.


  • The shots of Jason, Zack, and Trini unmorphed is recycled from "Something Fishy", a season 1 episode, which is obvious as Zack has the original flattop fade worn throughout Season 1 rather than the dreadlocks he wore throughout Walter Jones' actual appearances in Season 2. Additionally, the opening scene with Kimberly and Trini features the original Putties, even though the Z-Putties replaced them at the start of Season 2.
  • When the Rangers use the Power Blaster to destroy Beamcaster, it first shoots the usual energy blast before switching to a flaming fireball used during the Power Cannon attack, as this monster was destroyed by it in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
  • During the scene where Tommy tosses back explosives at Beamcaster, the arsenal of the Dairangers can be see behind Beamcaster, as this footage of him is from Dairanger.
  • When Skull is hit by the Zedd Waves, instead of reciting "hail Lord Zedd," he says "hail Lord Fred." Lord Zedd's name being mispronounced would become a running gag in the next season.
  • Final time the Power Blaster successfully destroys a monster.
  • This is the first episode in which ordinary people (Rocky, Adam and Aisha) and not the usual heroes or their allies defended the city, as all the Power Rangers were affected by the monster's spell of Lord Zedd. This happens again in "When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?"
  • This is the last episode where Rocky, Adam and Aisha are regular people before they take Jason, Zack and Trini's places respectively as the new Red, Black and Yellow Power Rangers respectively.
  • This episode marks the last time the original five Power Rangers use the Power Blaster, which was first seen in the Season 1 episode, "Teamwork".

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