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"T-Rex Fury, Red Ranger!"
―Roll Call[src]

"Dino Fury Power!"
―Team Roll Call[src]

"Dino Fury Victory!"
―Victory Catchphrase[src]

Zayto[1] is an alien from the planet Rafkon who led the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers 65 million years ago as the Dino Fury Red Ranger. In the present day, he leads the modern Dino Fury Rangers to prevent another Sporix War from happening.

Character History

Early Life

Zayto after receiving his powers.

Zayto was born on the planet Rafkon, after becoming a Knight, he received a pendant from his mother as a gift, with her telling him to never give up when all things seem hopeless. 65 million years ago, Zayto was once one of the members of the Knights of Rafkon along with five others that also preceded as the first Dino Fury Rangers. His homeworld then was invaded by the Sporix, particles with the power to manifest as evil monsters that ended up destroying his planet, after which they moved to Earth to destroy any type of physical life. When Zayto and his teammates traveled to Earth, they teamed up with dinosaurs to defeat the Sporix Beasts. Sometime after the Sporix Wars, they were contacted by the Morphin Masters, who were able to fuse their dinosaur allies with them and turn them into the first Dino Fury Power Rangers. While the previous Dino Fury Rangers did managed to defeat and capture the Sporix Beasts by locking them in a chest, the majority of Zayto's teammates perished and two of the Dino Fury Keys were lost when the Knights that wielded them fell in the war, thus leaving Zayto, Aiyon, and Solon on their own which lead to Zayto sleeping inside a stasis pod until he was needed once again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Training a New Team

"What's going on? Solon, why are the Hengemen activated and who're they?"
―Zayto upon awakening.[src]

Zayto after waking up from his stasis.

65 million years later, Zayto was kept in a stasis pod by his mentor until their base was found by both Void Knight and two civilians, named Amelia and Ollie, who later were able to morph into the next Dino Fury Pink and Blue Rangers. When the stasis pod was briefly damaged, Solon was able to wake Zayto up, who also tried to stop Void Knight from taking the Sporix while indicating to ask him where he stole that armor from. Then, the two knights fought fiercely, but at the cost of the chest that contained the Sporix being opened by the Dino Dagger and letting them loose, which lead to Void Knight also managing to escape with Shockhorn and leaving the three Rangers to introduce themselves and begin their training as the next Dino Fury team.

Zayto begins training Ollie and Amelia in becoming Power Rangers, starting with the morphing sequence on how to follow his movements, he later explains to them that they can boost their powers with the Boost Keys. The Rangers then teleport to Pine Ridge in order to warn them about the Sporix, once there, Zayto is taken aback by how much Earth has changed since he last saw it, even asking if there are still any dinosaurs around. Amelia is concerned about Zayto’s appearance since having antennae would make him stand out, but Zayto reveals that he can retract his antennae into his forehead, making him look more human.

Zayto uses the Mega Fury Saber.

The trio is later informed of an Sporix' appearance in a dam, the Rangers make it to the dam to see the Sporix Beast, who introduces herself as Mucus and attacks the civilians as they declare themselves as Power Rangers. They morph as Mucus charges at them, only for Zayto to slash at her and turn her into slime, much to their bewilderment. Suddenly, Shockhorn arrives to fight them, the Sporix later summons the Hengemen for help as Mucus reforms herself. While the Rangers battle against the Hengemen, the two Sporix teleport away. After Shockhorn reappears and grows giant, Zayto activates the T-Rex Champion Zord and attacks him, he then uses his Dino Fury Key to transform it into his Battle Mode. Zayto enters the cockpit and uses the zord's agility to its advantage along with its Tail Lash, he summons the Mega Fury Saber and activates the T-Rex Champion Chomp, defeating Shockhorn. Shockhorn reverts to his Sporix cell but Void Knight gets to it before the Rangers can grab it. After realizing that it's time to let Pine Ridge know about the Sporix, he sends a video message out to everyone in his Ranger form, telling them to contact the Ranger hotline if they see a Sporix Beast on the loose. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sporix Unleashed

The Lost Signal

Zayto talks to Amelia about his planet.

Zayto later reflects at Dinohenge on how far away he is from Rafkon while holding his pendant, not knowing if anybody out there is still alive after being gone for millions of years. He's later informed by Solon that they received an intergalactic message from space, in the same galaxy Rafkon is located but when attempting to play it, the commlink fries up due to an overload and the modulator burns, making it impossible to hear the message. Amelia and Ollie both try to help Zayto figure out what the message means with two different methods (going to a psychic and asking a local scientist) but the psychic turns out to be a scam, a Sporix known as Vypeera later hatches and starts attacking civilians, the Rangers are informed thanks to their hotline about the Sporix Beast’s appearance and teleport to Vypeera’s location, with Mucus also teleporting as well. Vypeera showcases her ability to freeze people with her chest eyes, using it against Zayto before attacking him. Keeping their eyes averted from Vypeera, Ollie and Amelia morph but find it difficult to fight her. After the Sporix leaves, Ollie and Amelia check on Zayto and the trio head out to the observatory to find out if they found out what the message said. Unfortunately, the scientist said they could not find a match, disheartening Zayto as he leaves to be alone.

Vypeera later appears in a video broadcast, using her abilities to freeze the entire city of Pine Ridge (including Ollie and Amelia) as Mucus puts the video on a loop. Solon and Zayto figure out what's going on, with Zayto at a loss of what to do as he cannot fight Vypeera without looking at her. Solon takes note of Zayto’s pendant, realizing that it was comprised of the same material as the modulator, and believes she can use it to decipher the message. Recalling what his mother told him millions of years ago, Zayto refuses to give up against Vypeera and looks for a new approach. He sees the Sonic Dino Key from the Boost Key rack, realizing that if he can only hear, he does not need to use his sight to fight.

A blindfolded Zayto fights Vypeera.

Zayto teleports blindfolded to the BuzzBlast rooftop and activates the Sonic Dino Key, amplifying his hearing and he manages to take on Vypeera as Mucus teleports away, hearing the video coming from her laptop Zayto destroys it, cancelling the video as everyone, including Ollie and Amelia, are free from their frozen state. The trio soon reunites and defeat the monster in her giant form after forming Dino Fury Megazord, they also manage to retreieve the Sporix Cell before Void Knight can get his hands on it. Back in the chamber, after finishing a new modulator for the commlink, Solon activates it, only to hear that the message is in a language none of them can translate. Despite that, Zayto is hopeful that the message came from Rafkon and uses the commlink to send out his message to his homeworld, asking if anyone from his planet is still out there. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal

New Team Members

Zayto was later brought by Ollie and Amelia to apply for a reporter job at BuzzBlast. He is then assigned by Jane to interview Izzy Garcia, a high school athlete, but it was cut short when Ollie received a call from Solon about a Sporix Beast attack in Pine Ridge Museum. Zayto and the team would later fight against Void Knight's new general, Boomtower, as well as Draknarok.

Zayto meets his new teammates.

Later, they were led by Izzy to find her brother, who had escaped with the Nephrite Orb. Zayto is then shocked and thrilled upon seeing the Black and Green Dino Fury Keys, which morphed the Garcia siblings into Rangers. Then, they battle Draknarok with their Megazord and defeat the monster, collecting his Sporix form before Void Knight arrives to take it. He, Ollie, and Amelia later brought Javi and Izzy to their base and revealed their identities to officially welcome the new recruits, before introducing them to Solon and revealing his nature as a Rafkonian.

He later meets Jane again together with Javi to apologize about being unable to complete their assignments. Zayto then congratulates Javi for getting the reporter job before following him and Jane. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

Reaching the Nexus Prism

After defeating Doomsnake with the Mega Slash from their Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation, another new Sporix Beast, Wolfgang, lets out a howl that weakens the Megazord’s integrity, forcing the Rangers teleport out of the cockpit just before the Megazord entirely falls apart into pieces. Before Zayto could develop a plan to figure out who caused their Megazord to fall apart, a bird flies in front of his face. The bird then transforms into a person who introduces himself as Mick Kanic and immediately recognizes Zayto's team as Power Rangers. Mick asks the Rangers for assistance finding the Prism, but Zayto says that they are too busy to help him find something he has never even heard of before.

Zayto meets Mick Kanic.

Later Zayto and the team realize that Wolfgang wants Mick so he can find the Prism for Void Knight and now knowing that protecting Mick was critical, the Rangers teleport him out. Back at the Dinohenge chamber, Mick shows the Rangers the Legendary Ranger Database and explains to the Rangers that the Ninja Nexus Prism is not only the source of the Ninja Steel Ranger’s powers, but it is the subject of many legends as it goes wherever it is needed. Solon then uses the information from the database Mick had to find the Prism and manages to locate it at the waterfront. The Rangers teleport there while Mick thinks of a way to stop Wolfgang’s howl attack.

Once at the waterfront, Zayto and the Rangers find the Ninja Nexus Prism standing idly on the dock. Sensing that the Prism is a living object, Zayto decides to read its mind, retracting his antennas and placing his hand on the Prism's center. Zayto discovers that the Morphin Masters created mystical artifacts to help Ranger teams through the Morphin Grid, and one of those artifacts was the Ninja Nexus Prism. He sees that once the Ninja Steel Rangers completed their mission, the Prism left Earth, while the Morphin Masters continued to watch every Ranger team fight against evil, including another team of Rangers and themselves. Zayto also sees that the Prism came back to Earth for a new mission, one that it is currently searching for.

Zayto connects to the Ninja Nexus Prism.

After Wolfgang and Boomtower arrive and after a battle, they enlarge themselves, so the Rangers summoned their Zords and Zayto decided they should show Boomtower a new combination, forming the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. The Rangers stab Wolfgang with the Megazord's lance and defeat him, although Mucus manages to collect his Sporix Cell. Boomtower then loads up for a Boom Blast, but the Rangers manage to push through with the shield and push him away again. Zayto decides to end Boomtower once and for all, summoning the Mega Fury Saber and striking with the Dino Mega Slash, destroying the robotic warrior for good. After Izzy stops Mucus from getting the other Sporix Cell Boomtower had, the Rangers see the Ninja Nexus Prism emerging from the sea and leaving Earth, seemingly having completed its mission.

Back at the Dinohenge Chamber, Zayto apologizes to Mick for dismissing the Ninja Nexus Prism earlier, now having a better understanding of how important it was. Mick accepts it and Zayto also asks Mick about Rafkon but he says that he has no idea about the planet. Mick later leaves to continue his journey of following the Ninja Nexus Prism, saying that it was an honor to help them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

Later Adventures

Some times later, Zayto meets Arla, a female Rafkonian who claims that the other Rafkonians have found a way to destroy the Sporix. Despite Solon's protests, Zayto trusts her and lets her get into the base where she says that their tech on Dinohenge is outdated. Zayto later decides that he can trust her with the Sporix they've recaptured, only to find out she's really Slyther, Void Knight and Mucus's latest creation and general, in disguise. After the reveal, he teleports Slyther along with himself out of Dinohenge before morphing and fighting the general. When Slyther transformed into a giant Roostafa, the Rangers form their Megazord and managed to defeat him after momentarily blinding him with the Slick Dino Key. Zayto later apologizes to Solon for not trusting her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home

When hit by Tombtress's Mood Blast, he becomes lazy and regards everything as boring. However, the effect would later wear off by the end of the episode.


Zayto is very blunt and serious, which comes off as distant and mean, despite his heart of gold. According to Solon, he can also be a bit of a show off when using his telepathic abilities on Amelia and Ollie for the first time (his "show off" nature also comes when it's revealed that the Megazord password was "Zayto is cool"), although he clearly assures that he is testing out his telepathic powers to ensure they are functioning well. When faced with tough situations, Zayto embraces his mother's advice and never gives up even when all things seem hopeless (as shown when he fought Vypeera, choosing to look for a new approach instead of giving up). He's was also suspicious of Mick Kanic, having never met him before, and has doubts about why he's looking for the Nexus Prism.

After waking up from his stasis, Zayto developed a lot of grief due to not knowing if anybody is still alive in his planet after being gone for millions of years. His great desire to find out if his planet was still there and the Rafkonians still existed, sometimes came to a fault as shown when he trusted Arla with the Sporix as he believed she was a Rafkonian, when she was actually an imposter in disguise.

Powers and Abilities


  • Rafkonian Physiology: As a Rafkonian, he is able to utilize the following:
    • Telepathy: Zayto can read minds by making physical contact, which he used to discover Ollie and Amelia's occupations and personality traits. He is also able to use this ability for the following further powers.
      • Retrocognition: Zayto's telepathy allows him to see visions of the past.
      • Memory Transferal: Zayto can also show others his own memories using his telepathy.


    • Retractable Antennae: Zayto can retract his antennae to blend in with the humans of Earth and vice versa.


  • Sword Mastery: As a former Rafkon Knight, he excels in utilizing a sword, demonstrated with his Chromafury Saber.
  • Reflexes: Zayto possesses great reflexes, as seen when he quickly caught Ollie's Dino Fury Key in his hand.
  • Spear Mastery: Although not seen often, Zayto did demonstrate throwing a javelin (mistakenly calling it a spear) across a field. It is implied that he did have some mastery over a spear when he was in Rafkon.


Dino Fury Red

Dino Fury Red Ranger

This form is Zayto's primary Ranger form that he was granted from by the Morphin Masters 65 million years ago. His Ranger form resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex, thus was also his dinosaur ally during the battle against the Sporix.



Appearance: Dino Fury Episodes 1-11

Dino Fury Red Ranger Stink Dino Key

The Stink Dino Key allows Zayto to unleash a stink attack, which involves launching a ball of gas before it explodes.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 2

Dino Fury Red Ranger Gravi Dino Key

The Gravi Dino Key allows Zayto to control the gravity of an enemy.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 4

Dino Fury Red Ranger Hyper Dino Key

The Hyper Dino Key allows Zayto to unleash a powerful roaring attack and increase his attacking power, as well as slash energy crescents freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 5, 7, 10

Dino Fury Red Ranger Shield Dino Key

The Shield Dino Key allows Zayto to become invulnerable to any form of attack.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 9

Dino Fury Red Ranger Slick Dino Key

The Slick Dino Key allows Zayto to polish any surface as a reflective distraction.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 10

Dino Fury Red Ranger Sprint Dino Key

The Sprint Dino Key allows Zayto to become faster in battle.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 11

Appearance: Dino Fury Episodes 1 (flashback)

Morph and Roll Call

Dino Fury Key

Dino Fury Red Ranger Key

The Dino Fury Red Ranger Key is based on the Dino Fury Red Ranger. Using this key in the Dino Fury Morpher lets him transform into his perspective Ranger form. This key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.

Behind the Scenes

"An alien warrior from another planet, Zayto leads the Dino Fury Rangers in battle."
―Official description from toy packaging.[2][src]

"Zayto is an alien from the planet Rafkon. He has been on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs, frozen in stasis. After he is revived, he leads the Dino Fury Power Rangers in the hopes of stopping the evil forces that destroyed his planet from destroying Earth.[3]"
―Official description from PR website.[src]


  • Zayto is portrayed by Russell Curry.
  • As Dino Fury Red, his suit actors in Super Sentai footage from Ryusoulger is Shigeki Ito (伊藤茂騎 Itō Shigeki). His suit actor in US/NZ footage is Masaaki Nitta (新田匡章 Nitta Masaaki).


  • His name was derived from Seto, an entity and former Ranger from Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger that was used for Dino Fury's source material for Zayto.
  • Zayto came to Earth with his teammates 65 million years ago and were given the powers of the dinosaurs by the Morphin Masters. Since his team were granted the powers to become Rangers, this makes Zayto, Aiyon, and their deceased teammates the first known Power Rangers in the franchise and the first Power Rangers of Earth, which would also make Zayto the first active Red Power Ranger.
  • Zayto is the only Ranger so far to utilize a Boost Key (Sonic Dino Key) while unmorphed as the other Rangers have used their Boost Keys while morphed. He is also the first Ranger to use a Boost Key (Slick Dino Key) while inside the Megazord against Slyther's disguise as Roostafa.
  • Just like those of Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver and Shane Clarke and Hunter Bradley, his relationship with Aiyon starts off as adversarial, but eventually becomes friendly.


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