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Zashiki-warashi (ザシキワラシ Zashiki-warashi, 18)


Zashiki Warashi's Human Form

A Youkai child who refused to harm humans, and was pursued by Junior as a result. While posing a young boy with enchanted mushrooms, he befriended several children and eventually Jiraiya. When Gasha Skull overpowered NinjaBlack, Zashiki-warashi turned himself in to save Jiraiya. Using the storm, Junior turned Zashikiwarashi into a giant demonic parody of himself and sent him to destroy the city. After a brief battle with the Juushou Fighters, it took the children he befriended to give Zashiki-warashi the power to come back to his senses and thus returned to normal. But Junior soon mortally wounded Zashiki-warashi for betraying the Youkai Gundan, with the young Youkai surrounded by his new friends before he died and turned into a toadstool.


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