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""Yes, yes. My, that sounds wonderful! And how might I return the favour?""
―Zaruwaku of the UFO's first words upon being summoned by Mons Drake and offered some humans to experiment on.[src]
""This...this is...! Not good!""
―Zaruwaku of the UFO reacting to the Gosei Buster and his final words before his initial demise.[src]
""What is this?! They want me to finish you this way eh?""
―Zaruwaku of the UFO upon being enlarged. He was confused at first but then realised that he had been given another chance.[src]
""This calls for desperate measures!""
―Zaruwaku of the UFO seeing Gosei Great and preparing to blast it. Also his final words before his death.[src]

Zaruwaku of the UFO (UFOのザルワック Yūfō no Zaruwakku) is a Gubydal Alien (グバイデレ星人 Gubaidere Seijin) who works for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History


Zaruwaku of the UFO's UFO form

Zaruwaku comes to Earth believing that he can capture humans in order to use them as part of an exotic animal trading scheme in space as well as to deal with the Goseiger for Warstar. After capturing a group of humans including Nozomu, the Goseiger respond, minus Hyde at first who believed that there was a once-in-two hundred year chance for the team to return to Earth using a solar flare gate as instructed by Master Head. Ultimately Hyde comes around and joins the team, using his Seaick Bowgun and water abilities to defeat Zaruwaku's UFOs before the team appear to defeat him with the Gosei Buster.

However before he is fully destroyed, Buredoran of the Comet uses his Bibi Bugs to make him grow, surprising the Goseigers and even Zaruwaku himself until the team cause a miracle allowing for their Gosei Headders to become useable as Gosei Machines. Splitting into his UFO forms, the team destroys them one by one until only his original body remained, allowing for the Goseiger to merge into Gosei Great for the first time. The team ultimately use their new machine to make short work of Zaruwaku, crushing him with the Great Strike.


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Mini UFOs

Mini-UFOs in action against Gosei Dragon

  • Zaruwaku's main ability is to split its own body up into multiple smallerUFOs which fly around avoiding attacks. Its main offensive ability is the usage of akin to abducting, generally in order to capture specimins from an invading planet in order to place in his collection.

Behind the Scenes


Narikiri Movie

Through the use of archive footage from his appearance in Goseiger, Zaruwaku is the Warstar monster whom participating boys took the lead in defeating in Narikiri Movie Tensou Sentai Goseiger Special Epic: New Hero Advent!.


  • Movie Reference: Zaruwaku's name is from the original Planet of the Apes (猿の惑星 Saru no Wakusei) film.
    • His ability of throwing nets is similar to that of the apes capturing humans for both studying and displaying in their zoos.
  • Zaruwaku is modeled after a ladybug.
    • His home planet "Gubydal" (グバイデレ) is "Ladybug" (レディバグ) backwards.

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