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Prince Phillip's Castle

Zandar is a small country located somewhere in Europe. It is from this country Sir Ivan, an ancient knight, and Prince Phillip hail. Both men are the Dino Charge Rangers.

Zandar is little known to many people but appears to be of some considerable wealth. Zandar indirectly entered the conflict with Sledge when they lent the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum their rare ancient artifacts and treasures. It was during the preparations for the event that the Dino Charge Rangers discovered the centerpiece of the treasures, the Stone of Zandar, was the Gold Energem. The Energem had been found in Zandar, and almost immediately lost when Sir Ivan and young Prince Colin encountered it centuries ago, though not before it bonded to Ivan, much to the chagrin of a present Fury.

When the Rangers decided to entrap Fury by exposing the Gold Energem by pretending to be Zandar royalty, The Royal Rangers Zandar press took notice, with its new prince Phillip storming days later into the museum to reclaim the country's property of his country.Break Out This encounter led to Fury attempting to reclaim the Energem and the eventual release of Sir Ivan, who had been trapped in Fury's body. Ivan's sword became the Gold Ptera Saber and was infused with the "Zandar Thunder".


Phillip in the castle

The royalty, and presumably the country as a whole, is also tied to The Zandar Corporation. Following his encounter with the Rangers, Phillip used the corporation's ties to search for an Energem of his own. Royal Sacrifice He is eventually presented with the remains of the Pachycephalosaurus with the Graphite Energem concealed within its jaw. Through the corporation, Phillip sent the museum the remains while keeping the Energem for himself. Unable to bond with it despite his efforts, he eventually surrenders the Energem to the Rangers. However, when he selflessly protects Chase's sister from an attack by the Vivix, the Graphite Energem bonds with him. As royalty, Phillip is unable to stay permanently as he has duties to attend to in Zandar, but he promises to return when needed. Though he takes the Graphite Energem with him, he leaves the Pachy Chargers with the Rangers so they can utilize the Pachy Zord as needed. Rise of a Ranger


  • Zandar appears to be a fictional representation of Britain, based on the accents of Sir Ivan and Prince Phillip.
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