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Zan-KT2 of the Shoot (シュートのザンKT2, Shūto no Zan Kē Tī Tsū) is a scallop-theme Matroid of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis; he is the improved version of the original Zan-KT of the Shield.

Character History

Soon after the defeat of the original Zan-KT, Robogog and Metal Alice rebuild a newer, more powerful model with his defense increased by 140% and his offense increased by 160% with the battle data. Using the upgraded Zan-KT, the new Matroid easily crushes the Goseiger in combat on its first try, forcing the team to desperately try to stop it even if it meant holding it down with their own bodies to try and slow it down. However their savior comes through Gosei Knight, who finally decides to side with the Goseiger seeing their mission as the same as his own. With his assistance, the Goseiger use a Super Knight Gosei Dynamic to destroy the upgraded Zan-KT2, then a combination of Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground to defeat the Matroid.


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Modus and Arsenal

Zan-KT2 has many similarities to the original Zan-KT but with multiple upgrades his powers include canons on his torso and powerful electric energy shot out of his claws. He is strong enough to counter a Gosei Buster with ease.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Movie Reference: All models of Zan-KT are named after Short Circuit (ショート・サーキット Shōto Sākitto); this one in particular is named after Short Circuit 2 (ショート・サーキット2 Shōto Sākitto Tsu)
    • The robots of which No. 5 (also known as Johnny 5) emerges from is a squadron of military robots set to fight in place of humans.

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