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"Leave it to me! Just watch! How do you like that!?"
―Zakyura's first words[src]
"I think I ate something that didn't agree with me....."
―Zakyura's final words before his death[src]
"I'm really mad now!"
―Zakyura's first words after being enlarged [src]
"Th-this can't be!"
―Zakyura's final words before his initial demise[src]

Zakyura (ザキュラ) is one of Space Empire Zangyack's Action Commanders.


He is an Action Commander sent to eat up all of Earth's food. While in his mission on the Earth, he ingests Gai's GokaiCellular in the process. However, after regaining his item, Gai and the others assume the form of the Dairangers and weaken Zakyura before he is blasted by the Gokai Galleon Buster. Enlarged, Zakyura tries to eat Fūraimaru and his clones to cancel Hurricane GokaiOh's finishing move, only to be destroyed from the inside out.



concept art

  • Heights - 197cm (Giant form - 49.3m)
  • Weights - 148kg (Giant form - 370.0t)


  • While it wasn't the first time he ate a part of an arsenal of a Sentai Ranger (Gai's GokaiCellular), he is the first to do it at mecha-size with Fūraimaru.
  • His motif is the one of a sea anemone.
  • He is one of many Action Commanders not adapted for Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
  • The reason for this is time constrictions with the Nickelodeon 20 episode limit.


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