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The planet immediately before destruction.

Kyuranger plan

Zagill as seen on the Kyurangers' plan of time travel.

The planet Zagill was the site of the battle in which Don Armage supposedly fell at the hands of the 88 constellation systems led by Tsurugi Ohtori. The Kyurangers planned to travel there from 333 years in the future Space.29: Orion, The Strongest Warrior to find out how Don Armage was still alive in the present day.

Arriving on Zagill on that fateful day, Tsurugi and his fellow Kyurangers witnessed his past self slay Don Armage just as he remembered. The planet exploded very shortly after, and the Kyurangers only just escaped in the Orion. Space.28: BN Thieves, Breakup... The younger Tsurugi Ohtori was recovered by Orion and put to deep sleep in the Argo Ship. Space.29: Orion, The Strongest Warrior

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