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"So, it's finally my turn. (.....) Leave it to me."
―Zaggai's first words[src]
"Curse you all! You'll pay for this!"
―Zaggai's first words being enlarged[src]

Zaggai (ザッガイ) is one of Zangyack's Action Commanders.


An anglerfish like Action Commander who shoots the Vibrational Destruction Beam (振壊ビーム Shinkai Bīmu) sent to retrieve a deadly metal called Puwazole (プワゾール Puwazōru) that fell to the Earth for the Space Empire Zangyack. However, Zaggai ends up being a victim of circumstance as the Gokaigers defeat him for "kidnapping" Ahim and then destroy him with Shinken Gokaioh. Ep. 13: Tell Me the Way

It is revealed in his cameo in the next episode, that during his mission, Zaggai was reprimanded by Kyousuke Jinnai, the former Red Racer, for crossing the road on a red signal. Ep. 14: Now More Road Safety



concept art

  • Height - 200cm (Giant Form - 50.0m)
  • Weight - 153kg (Giant Form - 382.5t)


  • Zaggai is the first Action Commander to appear more than once. Deratsueigar doesn't count, as he is an Imperial Guard. *His motif is the one of an anglerfish. *His name is based on the word Sakkai (殺界) *He is one of many Action Commanders not adapted for Power Rangers Super Megaforce due to Nickelodeon’s 20 episode limit.


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