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"Your putties are as useless to me as you are. I have my own army of putties."
―Lord Zedd after creating them[src]

The Z Putty Patrollers were a much stronger, nearly invulnerable form of Putty Patroller who served as the footsoldiers in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Unlike most foot soldiers, the name was a fan creation to differentiate them from the original group of Putties (just being referred to as Putties in the actual series).


The Z Putties being given vitality by Zedd

Upon arriving on the Moon and taking over the palace, one of Lord Zedd's first orders of business was to replace the woefully inadequate regular Putty Patrollers with a far enhanced breed. Created directly from Zedd's magic, these Putties were given life not by Finster's Monster-Matic, but Zedd's own evil energies. These energies were infused directly into the Z emblem in their chest armor by Zedd's lightning.

The very first Z-Putty to be destroyed

They were first sent to Earth to draw out the Power Rangers and attacked Bulk and Skull before they could steal the teen's quad-bikes. The Rangers arrived and took on the Putties but the scope of their power was such that the Rangers, even having morphed, were unable to do any damage to the Putties in their first attack. Zedd's new army would surely have beaten the Rangers, if not for Jason's accidental discovery that striking the Z emblem disrupted their power and caused them to explode into pieces. Their first failure led to the creation of Pirantishead, the loss of the Dinozords, and the creation of the Thunderzords.

Following this discovery, Zedd's Putties became, if anything, even less effective than Rita's, as it was theoretically possible to defeat a Putty with a single blow, rather than gradually beating them into submission over a protracted fight. Even when Zedd turned the Rangers into children during the episode "Rangers Back in Time", they could easily utilize this weakness by aiming a ball at the Z emblem. Despite this, Zedd seemed unconcerned and made no attempt to overcome this weakness. However, despite the common depiction of a super vulnerable weak point, the Putty would often need to be struck multiple times with very hard blows in the Z in order to be defeated. In one case, Tommy just pushed the Z with his right index finger.When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

When not deployed to fight the Rangers, two groups of Z-Putties (usually between 6 to 8 of them) could usually be found standing mindlessly at the edges of Zedd's chamber of command. The Putties were kept in use without any changes until the introduction of the Tenga Warriors at which point they were retired in favor of the apparently legendary foot soldiers. Ninja Quest

The Z-Putties later years later with Zedd and Rita at the Cimmerian Planet during the United Alliance of Evil conference. From Out of Nowhere

They appear for the last time as part of Zedd and Rita's army in the Vica Galaxy. One Z-Putty was shown holding a man-sized replica of the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode’s staff despite it being giant and destroyed three years previously. They are destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave while Zedd and Rita are both purified. With Zedd now on the side of good, the Z-Putty Patrollers are now extinct. Countdown to Destruction

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The average Z Putty Patroller is physically stronger than a typical human being. They are demonstrably stronger than the original Putty Patrollers created by Finster, even enough to wear down a morphed Ranger.
  • Durability: The Z Putty Patroller is strangely highly durable and at the same time incredibly fragile. They are able to take much more punishment than the original Putty model, typically getting right back up after being knocked down. They are completely immune to any punches and kicks and recover quickly from being thrown down. However, the Z emblem on their chests is an incredibly volatile structural weakpoint, as striking it can cause a Z Putty to instantly explode.
  • Form Changing: Similar to the original Putty Patrollers, Z Putty Patrollers possess the ability to transform into human disguises, including copying another person. When disguised, a Z Putty is able to speak fluent language, and is otherwise indistinguishable from a human being. Despite their primitive nature, a typical disguised Z Putty has no trouble blending into human society, able to interact with unknowing people without giving themselves away.


  • Fists: Unlike the original Putties, the Z-Putties do not have any weapons at all. However, they do have fists that (when coupled with their greater strength) can easily defeat the Rangers whether morphed or not.

Behind the Scenes


The Z Putty Patrollers were voiced by uncredited voice actors and portrayed by a team of suit actors which consisted of:

Behind the Scenes

  • The Z-Putties exploding effect was created using Claymation, where animators create motion by photographing clay figures as they are moved around one frame at a time which Saban then added white effects to to hide the effect.
    • The Claymation effect was done on a device known as the Manipulator 3000 which was a camera that the camera crew would aim at the frames filmed and link them together before ripping the segments apart, creating the effect of the Putty being torn apart by the symbol strike.
      • Funnily enough, the person who did the actual effect (cameraman Rick Shick) would pull off the legs first followed by the arms and legs but was never allowed to rip the head off of the clay figure due to the gruesome connotations despite the fact there would be no gore.
  • Although unconfirmed, the likely reason for the introduction of exploding Putty Patrollers was because they decided the amount of blows needed to take them down was excessive violence and parents were writing letters of complaint about the violence in the show.
    • This is supported by the fact that the Power Weapons (bar the Power Axe) were discontinued after the episode "Rangers Back in Time-part II" and Zedd was massively toned back in "The Wedding-part I."


  • The Z-Putties were the first American made foot soldiers.
    • Their counterparts , the Cotpotros were likely not unadapted into Power Rangers is unknown but many have speculated that it is because Lord Zedd (their creator) was portrayed in the early episodes as a super serious individual and the Cotpotros both have a goofy waiter design and were often played for laughs. This would lead to a severe tonal clash and so they were ommitted from any Dairanger footage that was adapted.
      • Although Zedd was eventually toned back, it would have been too late into the season to retire the Z-Putties and replace them later on anyway.
  • Due to being created for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, most fight scenes against the Z Putties usually involved the Rangers fighting unmorphed, as prolonged battles in costume risked damaging the suits and, due to not adapting the Dairanger suits, they could not afford to destroy them.
  • Unlike Finster's personally-crafted Putties, the Z Putty Patroller has only one standard model, with no weapons or physical variations seen over the course of the series. This was likely due to the afore-mentioned censorship.
  • In the Japanese dub, they are known as the Z-Golems.
  • The Z Putty Patrollers are the foot soldiers who have the second most appearances. The first are their predecessors, the original Putty Patrollers.
  • The Z-Putties appeared in almost every episode of Season 2 but did not appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

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