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ZZ Zeri (ゼーゼーゼリ ZēZē Zeri, 17)

Character History

Bowzock's best fashion designer, a very effeminate Gorotsuki who Ritchihiker uses in a scheme to have Signalman and the Carrangers destroy each other. Posing as a victim of Wumper abuse, Zeri manages to trick Signalman into putting on his rage-inducing "Anger Jacket" to have him under Ritchihiker's control with another made for Sirender when Signalman summons it. After Blue Racer and Green Racer destroy the remote while Red Racer removes the coat, Zeri enlarges to attack RV Robo by blasting patchwork shaped lasers from his eyes and electrified fabric samples s Sirender intervened as Zeri is then killed off by the combined teamwork of Sirender & RV Robo.


as a fashion designer, ZZ was a very effeminate Gorotsuki. how interestingly she dosn't actually seem to have a very good sense of fashion. thaw then a gen coming from an alien world its possible they just have a very different sense of style.

Modus and Arsenal

ZZ's main arsenal is her Anger Jacket. She posed as a victim of Wumper abuse to get Signalman into one by giving it to him has a thank you gift. The jacket made him crazy with anger. The jacket was controlled by Ritchihiker using a special remote. They used the remote to called in Sirender then They used Anger Jacket to strengthen it enough to defeat the RV Robo. She can blast patchwork shaped lasers from his eyes and electrified fabric samples



concept art


Behind the Scenes

  • His motifs are a fashion designer and tropical fishes.

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