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"Pardon? My deepest thanks to you for saving me, sir! (....) I am Zeri, the intergalactic fashion designer."
―ZZ Zeri's first words, spoken to Signalman[src]

ZZ Zeri (ゼーゼーゼリ ZēZē Zeri, 17) is the Bowzock's best fashion designer. He is a very effeminate Gorotsuki whom Instructor Ritchihiker uses in a scheme to have Signalman and the Carrangers destroy each other.


―ZZ Zeri upon being enlarged via Imo-youkan[src]

Posing as a victim of Wumper abuse (following being chased by Wumpers beforehand), Zeri manages to trick Signalman into putting on a rage-inducing "Anger Jacket" to put him under Ritchihiker's control. With Signalman put into a mindless fury by the jacket, Ritchihiker and Zeri watch as a fight between the Carrangers and Signalman escalates into both sides calling their mechas, the RV Robo and Sirender. As the battle goes on, Zeri devotes his time to make another, much larger jacket for Sirender as the Carrangers begin to gain the upper hand on their brainwashed foe. This is delivered via a massive rocket, which hangs the jacket on Sirender and amplifies its powers. Thankfully, Blue Racer and Green Racer manage to destroy the remote while Red Racer removes Signalman's coat. Now being forced to participate in the battle, Zeri enlarges via consumption of Imo-youkan to attack RV Robo, blasting patchwork-shaped lasers from his eyes and ensnaring the robot in electrified fabric samples. However, Sirender intervenes, freeing RV Robo only to get ensnared itself. The Carrangers and RV Robo return the favor, allowing Signalman to retaliate against the Gorotsuki with Sirender's Siren Vulcan. Weakened sufficiently by the Sirender's barrage attack, Zeri is then summarily destroyed by the RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cutter.


ZZ Zeri is very effeminate, dressing girlishly and exhibiting girlish attitudes, to the point where it is easy to confuse his gender. He takes great pride in his creations, and is rather patient, as evidenced when he calmly finishes the rage jacket he created for Sirender, despite Ritchihiker growing frantic about the battle tipping in the Carranger's favor for a moment. He is also very skilled in the art of playing innocent, as Signalman was easily convinced that he was a mere victim of the Bowzock, and not aligned with them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Patchwork Lasers: Zeri was capable of firing intense plasma bursts from his glasses, taking the shape of fabric.
  • Fabric Wrapping: Zeri could also summon numerous fabrics to hold his opponents in place, restricting them from moving.
  • Electrokinesis: Possibly. When wrapping his opponents in fabric, Zeri infuses them with searing amounts of electricity, severely damaging his opposition.


  • Weaving Capabilities: Being the Bowzock's fashion designer, this is a must. He is capable of weaving his cloths and clothes extremely quickly, even weaving a massive rage jacket for Sirender in a small amount of time.


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  • Rage Jacket Mind Control: Zeri's jackets can be tailored to interface with a remote, which raises their anger levels to the point of being unreasonable. The only way to stop the control is to destroy the remote associated with the jacket, as the jacket is impossible to remove with the remote working.

Behind the Scenes



  • His motifs are a fashion designer and tropical fishes.

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