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"You there, child. Tell me! where is the yakiniku shop with the tastiest cucumber gimchi!"
―ZZ Gyuri's first words when asking a kid about where to find kimchi.[src]
―ZZ Gyuri after enlarging himself.[src]
―ZZ Gyuri reacting to RV Robo and it's cannons and his final words before his death.[src]

ZZ Gyuri (ヅケヅケギューリー ZukeZuke Gyūrī, 32)


Bowzock's biggest lover of kimchi. ZZ was sent by President Gynamo to get cucumber Kimchi for Zonette. At first he was actually just going to get some from a restaurant Ichitarou showed him; when the owner told him he could get better cucumber Kimchi in Korea, he jumped into the RV Robo and set a course for Korea, having outfitted it with heavy explosives to stop the Carrangers from attacking it He piloted the RV Robo when it came under Bowzock control, with a row of explosives strapped to it. While VRV Robo & RV Robo battled, Red Racer managed to sneak inside the RV Robo, and in one of the best-remembered scenes in the show, fought Gyuuri on top of the waist-mounted explosives (halting RV Robo in the process). Red Racer managed to send the monster hurtling to the ground before shooting the bomb off and knocking it onto him. Gyuuri survived somehow and ate Imo-youkan. Killed by VRV Robo's Victory Robo.


ZZ Gyuri is obsessed with kimchi and will go to extreme lengths to get it, such as rampaging in RV Robo. Despite that, he is surprisingly polite and friendly when adressing others, politely asking Ichitarou to show him where to find kimchi and even taking a moment to do "tough guy" poses with him.

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Behind the Scenes

  • From ZZ Gyuri's Concept art, his head is very different then his costume. His head was perhaps changed for the costume because the mouth was see through, and thus couldn't put it in without the suit actor being seen. The sketch in the top right having a different face supports this.

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