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Yumiko Nakagawa is a girl within the various classes and studies at Kourakuen Amusement Park who hangs around the Denziman.

Character History

Yumiko is a girl who tends to hang around with the kids, while tending to spend most of her time studying alongside Akira; she is a member of her swim classes and likewise learns the piano through her. Because of this closeness, Yumiko becomes targeted in particular to become a spy to attack DenziPink through a plant clone made of her through a Vader Monster.Ep. 12: The Dangerous Child Spy

Yumiko also has a love of animals but has a hard time trying to keep one as a pet due to a mother who doesn't want one around. When she finds an abandoned puppy she wants to adopt, her mother says no; but Kiyama decides to help her take care of it and feed it, even giving up Denzi Dog IC's food to the real dog to help it out. After Kiyama becomes captured by the Vader Clan, the puppy Gorou seeks out Yumiko and helps her alert the other Denziman of their ally's whereabouts.Ep. 36: Poem of the Brave Puppy


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Behind the Scenes

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