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"How dare you! I'll crush you!"
―Yumebakura's first words after growing giant
"What have you done?!?"
―Yumebakura's final words before his death

Yumebakura (ユメバクラ, Yumebakura, 25 & 26): Yumebakura is an elephant/rhino Ayakashi sent to put Dayu to sleep and remember her origin by exuding a sleep-inducing mist. Once his job is done, he then enters the dream world so he can eat the dream incarnations of his human victims (thereby killing them). However, ShinkenBlue and ShinkenGreen enter the Dream World after him and force the Ayakashi out before breaking his hold over his victims by severing the part of his body that allows him to use the sleep mist.

Appearing the next day with the Meimō Kyōmuken (迷妄凶夢剣, Delusion Nightmare Sword) and intent to eat humans in the real word after some convincing by Doukoku and Shitari, Yumebakura is defeated by Super ShinkenBlue and destroyed by Daikai ShinkenOh with the Ika Tenkuu Buster.



concept art

  • The animals making up his appearance (rhino, elephant, tiger, and bull) and method of feeding is the basis of the Baku (獏) of Japanese myth.

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