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Yukari Oshima (大島由加里 Ōshima Yukari) also known from her starring name in the 90's as Cynthia Luster who played Farrah Cat in Choudenshi Bioman. She previously portrayed a Doll Assassin in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman Ep. 28: Rescue the Doll-Humans!.


  • After her acting role in the Sentai series, Yukari became the female version of a martial artist and cultural icon, Jackie Chan when she was starred in various action film movies in Hong Kong as Cynthia Luster.
    • Interestingly, Yukari has a Filipino action and comedy film called Once Upon a Time in Manila at the Philippines where she was portrayed as a Royal Hong Kong Police agent named Lt. Cynthia Wang who was partnered by the leader of Barangay Tanod named Jet Lagman (portrayed by veteran Filipino actor, singer and comedian, Vic Sotto) to take down an infamous gang led by Nikita who is responsible for hurting Jet's mother, Amparo Lagman (portrayed by Filipino veteran actress, Gloria Sevilla) after frequently pursued by the same notorious gang. However, when she interacts the Filipino characters, she speaks English but against her enemies, she speaks Cantonese.

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