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"My honor, sir. How can Yuffo serve you?"
―Yuffo's first words upon being summoned by Admiral Malkor and told his scientific skills were required.[src]

"Target? You can't mean me."
―Yuffo reacting to the Megaforce Blaster and his final words before his first death.[src]

―Yuffo after being enlarged.[src]

"I don't like this card game!"
―Yuffo when being restrained by the Victory Charge cards and his final words before his death.[src]


Yuffo is a ladybug-like Insectoid who is the second of his kind to descend onto Earth and serves as the main antagonist of the episode "He Blasted Me With Science."


Yuffo (transformation)

Like Scaraba before him, Yuffo is summoned by Admiral Malkor after Vrak's suggestion and Creepox's irritation due to the delay of the insect invasion by the Mega Rangers. He was an alien scientist who attempts to capture humans to conduct experiments. His abilities include being able to trap people in a cocoon-like substance and being able to split himself into five small UFOs to evade enemies. He is sent to study the humans and learn their weaknesses before the insect invasion proceeds any further. He was confronted by Gia and Jake after they followed his UFO components to the beach and summoned Loogies which were easily defeated. Nevertheless, he is able to hold his own in a battle and proves to be much stronger than Scaraba. He is first beaten by the Megaforce Blaster's Dynamic Victory Charge but Vrak then sends the Zombats to make him grow and overwhelmed the Rangers with energy blasts. However, Gosei introduced the Rangers to their Gosei Mechazords which they swiftly summon to do battle. Yuffo separated into his UFO forms and took them on but it proved completely useless and they easily overwhelmed the hord. He was then formed back into his monster form with a headache and the Rangers then formed the Gosei Great Megazord. He tried to destroy it with a massive energy blast but it was unaffected and overwhelmed him by launching forth the Zord heads at him. They then activated the Megazord's Victory Charge, restraining Yuffo with a barrage of cards and obliterating him with the Mega Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-He Blasted Me With Science

Yuffo later appeared in one of Glytcher's illusions. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Raising Spirits


Yuffo is a scientist who serves Warstar and respects Malkor. He is very snide when regarding the Mega Rangers. Unlike most Insectoids, he possesses a mostly calm and polite demeanor towards friend and foe alike, characteristically of a scientist rather than a fighter. However, his intellect is not enough to counteract their newfound might, which lead to his demise.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lightning Energy Vision: Yuffo's strongest attack where he can fire massive yellow energy beams with blue lightning around it from his eyes that are powerful enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit when he was giant but was useless against the Megazord.
  • U.F.O Transformation: Yuffo can retract his limbs into his ladybug-like shell and turn into a U.F.O to fly and travel to places faster.
  • Mini U.F.Os Transformation: Yuffo can also turn into five U.F.Os to fly as well.
    • Loogie Summoning: Yuffo can also summon Loogies while in his U.F.O mode as well.
    • Capture Nets: Yuffo can also fire red capture nets to capture the humans.
  • Underwater Breathing: Yuffo appears to be able to breathe underwater, as seen when he was being pinned down by Noah in the sea.
  • Mini U.F.Os Summoning: Yuffo can summon an army of mini U.F.Os to aid him in battle, which possess the following abilities:
    • Flight: They can fly at high speed.
    • Energy Lasers: They can fire blue and purple energy lasers.
    • Smoke Creation: They can create dark blue-gray smoke.
    • Water Adaptation: The mini U.F.Os are able to traverse though water.
    • Water Tornado: The mini U.F.Os can also create water tornadoes.
    • Rolling: The mini U.F.Os can roll across the surface.


  • Durability-Yuffo survived the Megaforce Blaster's Dynamic Victory Charge as seen when he got up after his supposed death.
  • Loogie Summoning: Yuffo can also summon an army of Loogies to aid him in battle.


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  • Armored Gauntlets: Around both of Yuffo's arms are a pair of gauntlets enforced with strong armor, which aid him in combat.
  • Hard Shell: Yuffo possesses a hard shell on his back to block attacks such as the Mega Blasters.
    • Deflection: Yuffo is able to deflect projectile attacks with his shell.
    • Proton Blast: From the spikes around his shell, Yuffo can fire yellow energy lasers in rapid succession. These were strong enough to knock down all three Rangers present at that time with four hits.
    • Saucer Wave: From his shell, Yuffo can fire a barrage of mini U.F.Os at the enemy that explode on contact. This took down all four Rangers present at that time with one hit.
    • Fireball Barrage: Also from his shell, Yuffo can shoot a barrage of orange fireballs.
    • Missile Barrage: Yuffo can also fire a barrage of red and orange missiles from his shell as well. This caused an enormous explosion but failed to faze the Rangers as they leapt straight through it.

Behind the Scenes



  • His motif is based off a ladybug and a UFO.


  • His name is based on the pronunciation of UFO as a word rather than an acronym.


  • Yuffo is the first monster of the season to grow giant.
  • Yuffo is the first monster to battle the Mechazords, as well as the Gosei Great Megazord
  • The closed captioning incorrectly spells his name as "Yufo".
  • Though his direct counterpart is Zaruwaku of the UFO, his personality and the way he acts is more akin to Abauta of the Research who wasn't adapted due to condensing the 50 episodes of Goseiger into 20 for Megaforce.


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