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HSA-Yoyogi Host

Shatieek Host

HSA-Yoyogi Giant

Giant Form


Yoyogi spells out his name.

Yoyogisujibokehashirigumo (代々木スジボケハシリグモ?, lit. "Yoyogi Dolomedes pallitarsis") is a spider-like Chief Clerk who initially appeared to the Akibarangers as a seemingly intelligent Shatieek but later revealed his true form latched on his host's back.

With his host's enhanced physical abilities, he managed to steal the Moe Moe Z-Cunes and lead them to a high-speed chase until the delusion was broken down into a dimension of yellow-on-black grid. He then transformed into a giant spider and fought Itashar Robo until they broken out into the real world. Ultimately, he was destroyed with a rifle formed out of a real life sign board.


  • His name is made up of two things.
    • Yoyogi is the name of a neighborhood in Shibuya, home to Yoyogi National Gymnasium, an arena that hosted the 1964 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. The location is also used in Sentai shows, and also where most of his episode's battle scene took place.
    • Sujibokehashirigumo: scientific name Dolomedes pallitarsis, commonly known as a water spider.
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